Technosylva’s Strategic Move: Acquiring Atmospheric Data Solutions For Enhanced Wildfire Safety

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In a significant move to bolster its wildfire mitigation capabilities, Technosylva, a frontrunner in wildfire mitigation technology solutions, has announced its acquisition of Atmospheric Data Solutions (ADS) . This acquisition is a part of Technosylva’s broader ‘wildfire public safety initiative’, aiming to combat the rising threat of wildfires in various regions, including the United States.

A Partnership Strengthened

ADS, renowned for its advanced atmospheric data and analytics solutions, caters to U.S. and European utilities, government agencies, and businesses. The past has witnessed successful collaborations between Technosylva and ADS, serving notable clients like San Diego Gas and Electric, Pacific Gas and Electric, and others in California.

Bryan Spear, CEO of Technosylva, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Its advanced high-impact weather and wildfire data and analytics are a perfect complement to our wildfire science and technology solutions. We’re confident that this acquisition will allow us to further innovate and develop additional wildfire risk mitigation solutions for our customers.”

Technosylva’s Commitment to Wildfire Public Safety

Technosylva’s dedication to wildfire public safety is evident in its various initiatives:

  • Industry Education: Aiding electric utility companies in comprehending wildfire risks within their territories. A new report titled “Understanding Electric Utility Wildfire Risk and Public Safety” has been published to enhance their understanding of wildfire threats and effective mitigation practices.
  • Investment in Data and Platform: Boosting capabilities to predict fire threats and comprehend fire behavior, enabling utilities to make informed decisions about wildfire mitigation.
  • Advancing Wildfire Science: Continued investments in refining the science of wildfire mitigation and collaborating with leading fire agencies to enhance wildfire science.
  • Collaboration with Fire Agencies: Sharing knowledge and best practices through workshops and training sessions on wildfire mitigation and prevention.Data S

Joaquin Ramirez, President and CTO of Technosylva, emphasized the company’s commitment, saying, “The opportunity to build on our existing successful relationship with ADS and grow our broader wildfire public safety initiative are important steps in achieving this goal.”

A Collaborative Future

Scott Capps, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Principal Atmospheric Scientist at ADS, shared his optimism about the collaboration, “We are confident that our atmospheric data and analytics capabilities will be a valuable addition to Technosylva’s leading wildfire science and technology. Together, we can help our customers better protect their communities and assets from wildfires.”

About Technosylva

Technosylva stands as a leading wildfire science and technology company, integrating wildfire modeling software into business operations to cater to fire management agencies and electric utilities. Founded in 1997, it has a global presence with offices in La Jolla, CA, and León, Spain.

About Atmospheric Data Solutions, LLC

Atmospheric Data Solutions, LLC (ADS) is a pioneer in providing forecast solutions to help public and private agencies manage risks from high-impact weather and wildfires. With a foundation in 2015, ADS has been at the forefront of operational high-impact weather and wildfire potential forecast applications for California utilities.

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