Sweet Security Secures $12M Seed Funding To Fortify Cloud Security

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Sweet Security - Cloud Security Shifts Right

Sweet Security, a Tel Aviv-based cloud security startup, has successfully raised $12 million in a seed funding round. The round was spearheaded by Glilot Capital Partners and saw participation from CyberArk Ventures, as well as angel investors like Gerhard Eschelbeck, a former CISO at Google, and Travis McPeak, who previously led product security at Databricks.

The Genesis of Sweet Security

The company’s inception was rooted in the challenges faced by co-founder Dror Kashti during his tenure as the CISO of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF). Recognizing the lack of efficient tools for real-time detection and response in cloud environments, Kashti, alongside Eyal Fisher and Orel Ben-Ishay, embarked on a journey to address this pressing need.

Leveraging eBPF for Enhanced Cloud Security

One of the standout features of Sweet Security’s solution is its utilization of eBPF, a technology that allows sandboxed programs to operate within the Linux kernel. This facilitates the collection of metrics about network traffic and resource usage with minimal overhead, making it particularly suited for monitoring cloud-native infrastructure.

Challenges with Existing Cloud Security Solutions

Current cloud security solutions, as noted by Fisher, were primarily designed for on-premises environments. When migrated to the cloud, these solutions often consume excessive resources and may not effectively detect cloud-specific threats. Sweet Security’s approach, leveraging eBPF and other innovative technologies, promises to deliver real-time insights with minimal resource consumption.

Minimizing Alert Fatigue

Given the intricate nature of cloud environments, there’s always some activity taking place. To prevent overwhelming users with incessant alerts, Sweet Security adopts a baseline approach. The system only notifies users when there’s a deviation from this baseline, ensuring that alerts remain relevant and actionable.

A Diverse Customer Base and Future Aspirations

Currently serving both cloud-native businesses and those undergoing digital transformation, Sweet Security plans to use the newly acquired funds to enhance its product and expand its reach. The team is also contemplating the introduction of automated remediation features and might explore areas like API security in the future.

Investor Confidence in Sweet Security

Kobi Samboursly, Founding Partner at Glilot Capital Partners, expressed his enthusiasm for investing in Sweet Security. He emphasized the company’s potential to address the pressing need for cloud runtime defense and lauded the expertise and leadership capabilities of the founding team.

In conclusion, Sweet Security’s recent funding round underscores its commitment to bridging the cloud security gap. As organizations continue to migrate to the cloud, solutions like Sweet Security will play a pivotal role in ensuring a secure and compliant digital environment.

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