SurveyGizmo Delivers An Integrated Feedback Platform To Help Companies Collect The Very Best Feedback

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SurveyGizmo was founded in 2006 as a survey software company. Below is our recent interview with David Roberts, CEO of SurveyGizmo:

Q: Can you tell us about SurveyGizmo?

A: We provide an integrated feedback platform that helps companies collect the very best feedback and integrate it into their existing systems so they can take action on it. We also help companies consolidate their feedback data so they can govern and manage it like any other enterprise data.

Q: You’ve said that SurveyGizmo is more than a survey platform. Can you explain that?

A: SurveyGizmo started as a survey platform; however, because of the unique built-in flexibility of our product, customers have created their own solutions that integrate data collected by our platform to drive business processes. SurveyGizmo is an integrated feedback platform that makes it easy to integrate feedback into a company’s existing systems and processes in ways that allow people to take immediate action.

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Q: What are the biggest challenges in this industry?

A: According to leading analysts, the biggest challenge in this industry is turning feedback into action. Most companies consider dashboards and charts to be the endpoint of their feedback. We believe that feedback should trigger action — including ordering replacement parts, creating a support ticket, or initiating a change order – before it even reaches a dashboard.

The other big challenge is that, as an industry, we have broken the contract with respondents. Companies collect massive amounts of data but rarely close the loop with feedback providers. Unless companies start acting on feedback and communicating back to resopnsdents, people will stop responding to surveys because there is no reciprocation.

Q: Many companies are focused on NPS. How do you help companies to act on the feedback they get from NPS?

A: Nearly every company collects NPS. Often the score is reported, and people nod, but nobody really knows what the score means. There were a number of promoters, detractors and passives. Now what?

Most companies view NPS as a an aggregated collection of responses. We see NPS as a way to better understand individual customers and to act on their feedback. We help our customers integrate their NPS data with their CRM, internal communications, and support ticketing software so they can use the feedback to automatically trigger action to address specific problems. By integrating with their existing systems, NPS goes from being a generic number to being a catalyst to take action with a company’s most important customers.

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Q: Companies are collecting lots of data from their customers. How do you ensure compliance?

A: SurveyGizmo takes security and compliance very seriously. We fully understand the risks and penalties for not complying with legislation such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, and others. Our customers’ data is protected with AWS (Amazon Web Services) Security Groups and Network Address Translation (NAT) Gateway and private VPC within AWS; redundant firewalls, and constant security scans. SurveyGizmo also follows the AWS Shared Responsibility Model.

SurveyGizmo operates in three of Amazon Web Services’ global data centers: the United States, Canada, and Germany (European Union). SurveyGizmo customers choose where their data resides, and that data remains in that data center, unless the customer exports it or requests a move from our Customer Support Team. We also work with our customers to ensure that they follow best practices for data governance and compliance.