Suntuity Solar Provides Affordable, Price-Protected Rooftop And Ground Mount Solar Energy Options For Homeowners

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Below is our recent interview with Sarah Stryker from Suntuity Solar:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Suntuity Solar?

A: Suntuity Solar is part of the Suntuity Group of companies that develop, finance, own and operate residential, commercial, and utility-scale renewable energy solutions and UAV drone services around the globe. As the residential solar division, Suntuity Solar provides affordable, price-protected rooftop and ground mount solar energy options for homeowners in various states including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Florida.

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Q: You’ve provided a select group of qualified New Jersey homeowners with free solar power from company-owned systems for 25 years; could you tell us more about this?

A: As a renewable energy company, we realize we are in an enviable position to directly affect the lives of others. We often promote initiatives that give back to the community whether it’s directly through the Suntuity Foundation, our nonprofit dedicated to providing clean air and water to those in need, or promotions with our residential services division, Suntuity Solar. As a result of one of our promotions this past holiday season, two different homeowners qualified to receive free solar power for the next 25 years, paid for by Suntuity.

Q: Can you give us insights into your services?

A: Suntuity is one of the few solar companies that has separate divisions for procurement, finance, and electrical services with our own licensed and bonded electrical contractors. Switching to solar power is, essentially, setting up a power plant on someone’s roof. While we differentiate ourselves with state-of-the-art equipment and financing, our real differentiating factor is our focus on our customers and use of resources to develop these power plants, which is extremely rare in our industry.

On the consumer level, we offer price-protected solar energy solutions to homeowners and business owners across the US and abroad. We provide a full range of services through the customer lifecycle for each customized system installation, to ensure a seamless transition to solar energy.

Q: What are the benefits of solar energy?

A: There are significant environmental and financial benefits of solar power. As the Earth’s most abundant and affordable forms of energy, solar dramatically reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions and is proven to help slow climate change. Just one average-sized solar system generates the same clean air as 50 mature trees, so imagine the environmental impact of building an entire solar community.

In addition to the health benefits of harnessing the sun’s rays, solar can help reduce rising utility costs with long term price protection and additional federal and state incentives that make the transition much more feasible for your finances. Eligible homeowners can save up to 30% or more on their monthly electricity bill by installing a Suntuity Solar system for $0 down. Solar savings can vary from customer to customer, which is why we offer free consultations.

Q: How much does solar really cost? How much can you actually save by installing it for a home?

A: The actual cost of solar varies based on system size, price per watt, the state you live in and the quality and efficiency of the equipment used. With federal and state incentives in place, homeowners can lease a system or select a power purchase agreement for $0 down, meaning they can either lease the system or simply buy the power, depending on which financial option is best for that customer. There are also $0 down loan options for system ownership, so a Suntuity Solar representative will analyze the customer’s roof space, roof shading, electricity usage, utility cost, and several other factors to determine which option is best for them.

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Q: What can we expect from Suntuity Solar in the future?

A: Suntuity Solar is a triple bottom line company — our mantra is “People, Planet, Profit” and to that effect, we don’t typically engage in services and offerings that aren’t aligned with that belief.

Renewable energy, and solar power in particular, is good for the environmental and financial security of our country’s future. We continue to expand our offerings well beyond solar PV, including but not limited to power storage and fuel cell technologies across various US states with financing options that make mass adoption more palatable. Our goal for us as individuals, and as stewards of our industry, is to achieve energy independence as a country. This, in turn, will serve as the legacy we intend to leave behind for the next generation.

Suntuity Solar is helping improve the lives of millions and changing the way we think about electricity.