Social Video Platform StringFlix Helps You Collaborate, Create And Discover Content

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Below is our recent interview with Magda Stenzel, CEO and Co-Founder of StringFlix:

Q: What is StringFlix? Briefly describe how it works.

A: StringFlix is a social video platform to collaborate, create and discover content. It was created to unite people through video.

In the app, a person creates a video project, known as a “String” which includes a message, hashtags and a project deadline. Then the creator invites other people via social media, text or email to participate by adding their own videos or photos. Together they create a stronger unified video message than anyone could on their own.

Whether people are contributing to a video Birthday Message, or a call to action for a political cause, or a new brand that they want to showcase with videos, StringFlix allows users to participate in that video post and share it openly online.

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Q: What are the main benefits of using StringFlix? What problems are you solving?

A: We are all addicted to online videos, but we have a real problem with creating a great group video.Trying to gather videos from friends and family after a wedding party or a business event to make a video recap of that event is not only time consuming, but it takes a lot of storage space if not done in the cloud. In addition, only one person can collect and edit the video clips at a time so creating video content becomes a very isolated experience. Many times, the video project is abandoned. StringFlix removes time, resource and budget obstacles for everyone.

Q: Why create StringFlix now? What factors in the Market make it important to launch StringFlix at this moment in time?

A: We are at an important intersection between customer behavior and technology capabilities.

As the world becomes more integrated, people are in need to collaborate more. Millennials and Generation Z especially have fully embraced a group mindset and shared experiences. They prefer to collaborate online, as opposed to in-person or via phone call, yet the largest ‘social’ platforms are actually more individual experiences.

Technologically, the cost of server space has reduced and the mobile internet speed has increased enough to make high volume videos viable. Accessibility to other platforms, such as inviting people to a String through a Twitter hashtag link, allows StringFlix users to rally around a project from their smartphone.

Q: Where did the idea for StringFlix come from?

A: Three years ago, as I worked as a Broadcast Designer and Animator for NBCUniversal, a colleague of mine was retiring after 30 years and I tried to quickly gather some friends’ smartphone videos for a short video presentation for her farewell party which was happening that same day. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do it. I realized then, that there weren’t any good mobile apps for collaborative video projects. After speaking to other friends, and doing research on the subject, I began to realize that others had tried to create collective videos through their phone, but were unsuccessful. Therefore, I decided that I could apply my knowledge of 15 years’ experience working in video production to create an app that had video creation and team work as its core.

Q: Who will be your users now? Who will they be in 3 years?

A: Our initial core users are creators who are regularly attending events and involved in organizations. They typically take leadership roles and have a strong network. They tend to be Millennials however, StringFlix is easy and interactive enough to be used by anyone.

In three years from now, we plan to increase our customization so we become an easy way for even the largest brands and organizations to engage their community.

We are also creating a marketplace where users can sell their video creations and purchase videos created by other talented users, such as photographers, graphic artists, actors and musicians.

Q: What makes StringFlix different from other social platforms?

A: StringFlix is especially unique for introducing team participation in social media. We do this through a project-based open platform. A StringFlix post will ask the audience not to comment on the post with a text, but with a photo or video that will be added to the post content. We want to transform Internet Communication through video participation, and therefore make spectators into content creators.

Q: What are some occasions where people can create collaborative videos?

A: Our main categories of videos are for Birthdays, Special Events, Travel and Activism. The app even offers free video title animations that people can include in their videos to make them more visually appealing and to use for the various occasions. We also have title animations for Holiday Celebrations, Brand Promotion and even promotions for Real Estate Properties.

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Q: Have you considered offering this service to businesses?

A: StringFlix is already partnering with brands and organizations. We can make Customized Title Animations imbedded in the app with company or an organization branding. Customers or community members can use these when sending video testimonials to promote the brand.

We are also exploring the idea of another branch of StringFlix as a SaaS product. Where large corporations can have their unique database, promotional and event videos and hashtags, to promote team participation within their various departments and catered to their needs.