Social AI Platform Chai Secures Strategic Investment From CoreWeave

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The leading social AI platform, Chai, has recently made headlines by announcing its strategic partnership with CoreWeave, a renowned cloud provider specializing in large-scale GPU-accelerated workloads.

Chai’s Rising Valuation

Chai’s recent collaboration with CoreWeave has significantly boosted its valuation, capping it at an impressive $450 million. This development comes a few months after Chai’s successful pre-seed funding round, where it managed to secure $2 million. The funds were primarily aimed at furthering Chai’s mission to establish a more open and democratic AI platform.

CoreWeave’s Role in Chai’s Expansion

CoreWeave’s strategic investment is set to play a pivotal role in Chai’s future endeavors. One of the most anticipated projects is the launch of one of the first large-scale AI language model competitions. In this unique competition, participants will be encouraged to submit their language models, competing for user engagement on Chai’s widely recognized entertainment app. Not only will the winners be awarded cash prizes, but they will also earn the prestige associated with the title.

Furthermore, Chai has integrated its services with CoreWeave’s infrastructure. This means that every message processed on Chai’s platform will be routed through CoreWeave’s cloud. Chai’s CEO, William Beauchamp, expressed his confidence in this partnership, stating, “CoreWeave has the best insight into the inner workings of our business out of everyone. As our user base continues to grow, so will our demand for CoreWeave’s infrastructure offerings.”

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