Resolution Development Services Helps Companies Take Their Concepts And Turn Them Into Manufacturable Products

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Below is our recent interview with Leo Carayannopoulos, President & CEO at Resolution Development:

Leo Carayannopoulos

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Resolution Development?

A: Resolution Development Services helps companies take their concepts and turn them into manufacturable products. We deliver best in class hardware, software, mechanical, machine vision, and systems engineering outsourced services to clients in the United States, Canada, and Asia. Through our strategic partnerships, Resolution includes 30+ engineers encompassing the critical areas in the design, development and low-volume manufacturing of complex, internet-enabled devices.

Q: You’ve recently announced a strategic partnership with NemoLogix; could you tell us something more?

A: We have seen a dramatic shift in product requirements over the last few years. With internet-enabled devices becoming more common, the requirements for new products often include internet-enablement. Products now need to be developed so they can participate in a complex ecosystem including the Cloud, Big Data, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IoT, Mobile Devices, Tablets, and other technologies.

Our recent partnership with NemoLogix creates a product development ecosystem that integrates all of the required technologies for your product, ensuring a successful product launch into the connected world. NemoLogix is a leader in developing mobile, cloud and web-based applications that are both secure and enable privacy.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your services?

A: The Resolution Development Ecosystem includes industrial design, mechanical engineering, embedded hardware and software, mobile, web, and cloud development services. For customers, that means all the benefits of a one-stop shop to take their concept all the way to low volume manufacturing, with a depth of expertise across the different disciplines that only best in class partners can deliver. It really is the best of both worlds.

Q: How do you make product development programs successful?

A: Having worked in the highly regulated industries of medical device and life sciences, Resolution Development created a quality management system (QMS) that has passed audits by Fortune 500 companies. In many cases, our quality management system was selected by Fortune 500 companies for the development of Class II and Class III medical devices. our development capabilities include 13485 compliant product development, 60601 compliant product development, 62304 compliant product development. Our engineering team is staffed with senior-level engineers, with on average 10 -20 years of experience. This means that every project is staffed by a senior-level expert with a significant depth of experience.

While our industry-leading quality management system was designed for medical device development services, we understand that a less rigorous version is needed for other industries, and we adjust our use of the QMS to give those industries the quality and controls appropriate to safely bring their product to market.

Q: Why Resolution? What makes you stand out?

A: Unlike product design firms that can only take your concept to a “pretty picture”, Resolution and our partners are able to take you from concept through product design and prototype development, including internet-enablement and low volume manufacturing. This is true whether it is a life science product development project, a medical device product development project, or consumer products development project. Some product design firms will offer an “all-in-one” service, but Resolution can deliver an all-in-one experience with best in class capabilities.

We are experts in camera technology. Some of our projects included vision requirements of 5000 frames per second. Another project required putting a camera into the human heart. Resolution is unique in the breadth of experience we bring to solving unique and challenging vision problems.

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Q: What can we expect from Resolution Development in the future?

A: Resolution Development Services expects to be the go-to partner for complex projects that require experts in imaging and vision. We see emerging markets such as autonomous vehicles to be the perfect fit for our unique capabilities. Through our strategic alliances, we expect to bring a new vision to the product development process, where a company can get best in class expertise with a single point of contact, something every industry needs.