Qualiti Secures $6.5M In Seed Funding To Advance AI-Powered Software Testing

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The Rise of Automated Software Testing

In the fast-paced world of software development, continuous updates have become the norm. With applications frequently receiving updates, sometimes multiple times a day, the importance of software testing has never been more critical. Qualiti.AI, an automated software testing startup, is stepping up to address this need, having recently secured a $6.5 million seed funding round led by Sierra Ventures, with contributions from Epic Ventures.

Qualiti’s Unique Offering: AI-Driven Testing Suite

Qualiti’s platform harnesses the power of generative artificial intelligence to enable developers to set up a comprehensive testing suite for any software or application in just 15 minutes, eliminating the need for human intervention. This innovative approach aims to streamline the quality assurance process integral to software development.

The Traditional vs. Automated Testing Paradigm

Historically, developers had to design a series of tests for each application or even rely on human testers to manually identify potential bugs. This method, though effective, is time-consuming and can greatly benefit from automation. Qualiti’s solution offers a full test suite creation for any application without human input. As new updates roll out, the platform updates tests, maintains existing ones, and triages results in real-time, promptly identifying and reporting any bugs.

Cost Efficiency and Rapid Adoption

By automating the testing process, Qualiti claims companies can save up to 30% of their engineering budget. Peter West, Qualiti’s Chief Executive, emphasized the company’s unique position in the market, stating, “We’re the only ones who have truly made that, a truly hands-off, no-human-work-needed AI managed solution, happen in testing.” The startup has witnessed rapid growth, with a 340% month-over-month increase in its customer base leading up to the seed funding round.

Future Plans: Expansion and Growth

With the fresh infusion of funds, Qualiti aims to bolster its sales and engineering teams to accelerate growth. The company’s ultimate goal is to be the sole quality assurance tool that software developers rely on, providing instantaneous feedback as soon as new code is pushed into production.

Industry Feedback and Endorsement

Mark Fernandes, Managing Director at Sierra Ventures, expressed his confidence in Qualiti’s potential to disrupt the test automation sector. He highlighted the swift adoption of Qualiti’s solution by developers at selective companies as evidence of the startup addressing a significant industry pain point.

With its recent funding, Qualiti is poised to redefine the standards in software testing. The company’s AI-driven approach promises to deliver higher quality and faster deployment of applications, ensuring a seamless experience for developers and end-users alike.

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