The Q&A With Sterling Wong – Founder & CEO Search Realty Corp.

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Below is our recent interview with Sterling Wong, Founder & CEO at Search Realty Corp:

Sterling Wong

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to your patent pending “Leads On Demand” system?

A: Our “Leads on Demand” system is an innovative technology that automates the process of generating and distributing various types of leads for real estate agents in any denomination, in any location in the world, in any language, and in any price range, on demand. It’s unlike anything else in the real estate industry today because it’s backed by Google, and it generates leads from the bottom of the sales funnel to create a more consistent method of lead generation.

This means agents won’t have to worry about how or where they’re going to get their next client from. Our system does it all for them, producing immediate results. It’s also incredibly easy to use. As a Search Realty agent, all you need to do is log in, enter the number of leads desired, along with the specified location, type of lead, and other preferences. Then our custom software will deploy ads across Google or Bing and remove the ads once those desired number of leads has been reached. Within the next 24 hours, agents will start to receive real, high-quality leads with up to 20 data points delivered directly to their inbox. Generating business has never been easier than this!

Q: You already run a successful Real Estate brokerage and Mortgage brokerage, why did you decide to get into the leads business?

A: Leads generation is an integral part of the real estate industry. It’s literally what makes or breaks an agent’s business. Starting out as a Re/Max agent myself with no capital or database, I quickly realized how difficult it was to find new leads when I was busy trying to focus on serving my clients. So I created a leads gen system that would offer a better and more consistent way to generate clients automatically to keep our pipelines full, no matter if we were serving buyers, sellers, or investors.

By creating this unique lead gen system, we can provide other agents – who are also starting from nothing – with the opportunity to grow and succeed at a much faster and steady pace. And being able to hear some of the success stories from other agents is really what this is all about because at the end of the day, we’re not just changing the future of real estate marketing, we’re helping to change people’s lives – and that’s something to feel good about.

Q: What problems will this solve for agents?

A: Finding clients can be extremely time-consuming and costly for agents. In fact, many are still using inefficient, out-dated methods like knocking on doors and handing out flyers, which produce minimal conversion rates. Conversely, agents who are already using lead generation technology are often paying top dollar for systems that merely sell “junk leads” or ones that contain inaccurate information. It’s also possible that third-party lead gen companies are reselling the same leads to other agents. Because of this, many are struggling to keep their pipeline full every month and run the risk of going out of business. As agents ourselves who know what this feels like, we wanted to change that.

Our “Leads on Demand” system frees up a substantial amount of time and ensures that agents never run out of clients again. If you’re in need of new real estate leads, all you have to do is create an order and the software will automatically disperse ads across the web with real leads delivered directly to your inbox. This creates more stability, greater income opportunities, and provides a massive advantage in an industry where the majority of real estate agents are uncertain of where their next deal will come from.

Q: Will this also benefit home buyers and sellers, and if so, how exactly?

A: Absolutely! By significantly reducing the amount of time and money spent pursuing leads, agents can now focus solely on their client’s needs and deliver better customer service overall.
Plus, our “Leads on Demand” system makes it easier for agents to find qualified buyers and sellers. This helps buyers get into their dream home faster and connects our sellers with “ready-to-purchase” home buyers, which speeds up the entire listing-transaction process. The system will also make it easier for agents to double end transactions, which can reduce the total commission rate and save clients more money.

Q: There are already a number of lead gen systems on the market, why do you think yours is superior?

A: Well for starters – until now, there hasn’t been a system available for agents that could produce leads from the bottom of the funnel. Most other lead gen systems have worked from the top of the funnel, which is why many of their leads have inaccurate information, end up being fake, or are not ready to buy¬¬¬. Sure, it may be a more affordable option but it also comes with a slew of other issues, which agents eventually realize. That’s why we’re excited to announce our “Leads on Demand” system, which has finally perfected the ‘recipe’ for generating leads from the bottom of the sales funnel. Finally, agents can receive authentic, qualified leads that are guaranteed to be 100% real and exclusive, meaning we do not resell or allow another agent or third-party to work that same lead.

Our platform can also help agents figure out the number of leads that are needed to reach their desired level of income. We start by focusing on agents’ goals and then working backwards to map out a custom strategy for their real estate business. For example, if you want to make $250,000 per year, we’ll work with you to determine how many leads you’ll need to acquire in order to reach that goal, and how to obtain them with our cutting edge software.

Lastly, our real estate brokerage is the only one in the industry that’s backed by Google. This powerful partnership strengthens our online presence dramatically, generating thousands of leads for our agents across thousands of different websites. This gives our software – and our agents – a serious upper hand over our competitors with extensive reach across the web.

Simply put – other brokerages don’t provide the type of tech, tools, training, and support that we do to help our agents thrive.

Q: So you’re not ‘selling’ leads?

A: No, not in the traditional sense. Unlike other companies, our income isn’t derived from selling leads. We earn an income only once the client buys or sells. So naturally, we have a greater incentive to provide high-quality leads to our agents that will actually amount to something.

Q: What do you think this will mean for the future of real estate?

A: Technology is starting to become a major driving force in real estate but most companies haven’t caught up yet and are still trying to figure out what lead gen software actually does. This is where we have the upper hand because I’ve developed my entire real estate business through Search Engine Marketing. So I know how powerful Google marketing tools can be and how lead automation has the ability to improve the way agents operate.

Ultimately, “Leads on Demand” has the power to change the game of marketing entirely. Where other brokerages or marketing firms train agents to become self-reliant on marketing, Search Realty is bypassing all of that and going straight to the lead itself. Rather than spending time learning how to market online and setting up ads to find leads, our system will do this automatically. Agents can save so much time not having to hunt down clients and can instead, be more focused on building better client-agent relationships, which is what real estate is really about.

Q: Do you have any more projects like this in the works?

A: We do! We’re working on launching a comprehensive real estate listing portal. This will combine eBay-style bidding with sold statistics, trends, neighbourhood data, and all of the relevant information that today’s home buyers and sellers need to make better-informed decisions. We’re really eager to roll this out because it will give consumers more options other than just when looking to buy or sell real estate.

We also have some exciting growth plans slated for Search Realty! We’re planning to roll out franchises for Search Mortgage and Search Realty in the near future and will also be expanding into other facets, such as Search Financial and Search Insurance. So stay tuned!