Prolific Secures $32M Funding To Enhance AI Training And Testing

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London-based startup Prolific has raised $32 million to further develop its unique system that uses a network of 120,000 human participants to train and stress-test AI models. The funding round was co-led by Partech and Oxford Science Enterprises (OSE).

Founded in 2014, Prolific provides a platform for researching and testing AI systems. It works with organizations like Google, Stanford University, the University of Oxford, King’s College London, and the European Commission, helping them ensure their AI applications work as intended.

Prolific operates on the premise that human intelligence can improve AI. It uses a network of participants to test new products, train AI systems in areas like eye tracking, and determine whether human-facing AI applications are working as their creators want them to. The company pays these participants a minimum of $6-$8 per hour, and has paid out some $100 million to them to date.

Human Intelligence Enhancing AI

Prolific’s approach to improving AI through human intelligence is a novel concept in the AI industry. By leveraging a network of human participants, the company can provide real-world testing and training for AI models, ensuring they work as intended in a variety of scenarios.

The Role of Human Participants in AI Testing

The use of human participants in AI testing is a unique approach that could revolutionize the way AI models are trained and tested. By providing a diverse range of human experiences and responses, Prolific can help ensure that AI models are robust and capable of handling a wide variety of situations.

The Future of AI Training and Testing

With its recent funding, Prolific is poised to expand its operations and continue to improve the way AI models are trained and tested. As AI continues to play a larger role in our lives, the need for effective training and testing methods will only grow, making companies like Prolific increasingly important.