Primal Lands $1 Million in Funding to Boost Bitcoin-integrated Nostr Apps

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The internet’s latest decentralized social networking protocol, Nostr, has been taking the digital world by storm. As millions switch to this modish digital avenue, an emerging player, Primal, has made headlines with its $1 million seed funding raised from Ten31, Hivemind Ventures, and other prominent investors. This remarkable funding milestone catapults Primal as the initial venture-backed startup devoted exclusively to crafting Bitcoin-powered Nostr applications.

Primal’s Answer to Growing Competition in Nostr Space

As the digital economy welcomes Meta’s Threads into the social media landscape, the need for decentralized and more open source options such as Nostr becomes glaring. Threads, a social media application developed by Meta is primed to compete head-on with industry giants like Twitter, underscoring the need for unique alternatives like Nostr.

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has also jumped on the bandwagon, infusing over $10 million in grants for Nostr developers. This move underscores the unique offerings of startups like Primal and the array of potential opportunities in the expanding Nostr ecosystem. In stark contrast with commercial competitors, Primal’s ingenious service design to enable users to send ‘zaps’ or small Bitcoin amounts to other users and posts worldwide sets them a class apart.

Tackling App Store Restrictions with Innovative Solutions

While incorporating zap functionality can prove challenging for app developers, as seen with the Damus case, due to Apple’s App Store’s stringent policies, Primal effectively navigates these restrictions. Simultaneously, other IOS Nostr applications such as ZBD and Plebstr, have successfully integrated the zap feature in their offerings.

Bitcoin-embedded Social Interactions: A New Frontier

In an exclusive interview, Primal’s Founder and CEO, Miljan Braticevic, expressed his optimism about the potential of Nostr-based products. “With Nostr, we now have a global publishing protocol with an open social graph that anyone can build on and a monetary network attached to it in the form of zaps,” says Braticevic according to Forbes. He further adds that Nostr-based products are on track to surpass traditional legacy platforms soon.

Primal Combines Old and New

Primal’s suite, powered by the Nostr protocol, blends familiar Twitter-like interface with censorship brute resistance, account ownership, and decentralization. As opposed to Meta’s Threads, where the company essentially owns all user data, Primal’s platform allows users to possess their identities while moving seamlessly across apps. This unique feature adds another layer of convenience and functionality to Nostr’s suite of decentralized applications.

As the face-off between Twitter and Meta highlights the need for more diverse, open protocol options, backing from bitcoin-focused social media startups like Primal are poised to revolutionize the future of digital interactions, empowering users to directly support creators while providing incomparable service offerings.

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