PivIT Global Provides Network Infrastructure, Maintenance And Professional Services While Staying Independent From The Handcuffs Of OEMs

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Below is our recent interview with Hunter Gorman, Manager at PivIT Global:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to PivIT Global?

A: PivIT Global was formed by a core team of industry veterans with over 70+ combined years experience and offers network infrastructure, maintenance and professional services to its customers while staying independent from the handcuffs of OEMs.

Staying Independent frees us from the OEM pricing handcuffs allowing more of our clients’ CapEx to chase innovation. PivIT supports the largest OEMs – Cisco, Juniper, Dell, HP, EMC, NetApp etc. – switches, routers, IP phones, AP’s and controllers, drives, processors, arrays and all the associated trimmings (memory, optics, patch cords, etc.) – all backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

Q: What offerings do you have for your clients?

A: At PivIT Global, we sit in a unique place when it comes to the solutions that we are able to offer our clients. PivIT really has three main buckets when it comes to our offerings:

1. Infrastructure (Hardware)
2. Third Party Maintenance
3. Professional Services

For Infrastructure, we offer hardware for edge networks as well as for the data center from OEMs like Cisco, Dell/EMC, Arista, Juniper, Ruckus and so many more. In addition to the plethora of OEMs we stock and support, we also offer both new and legacy network infrastructure meaning that we can support clients who are running their network using legacy hardware as well as those refreshing their networks and data centers with the most cutting-edge hardware available.

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Q: What makes you the best choice for IT hardware?

A: Aside, from offering our clients hardware from most major OEMs, we truly stand out from other IT companies, with our Lifetime Warranty. We extend the life of our clients’ networks by offering this Lifetime Warranty—to all end-users, on every sale. This is an advance replacement warranty – something you just don’t see in this industry and a favorite amongst our customers.

Q: What are the benefits of PivIT’s OneCall Maintenance compared to the OEM support?

A: It’s pretty simple: third party maintenance just makes sense when it comes to cost-effectiveness compared to OEM offered maintenance and support. This Gartner article is evidence to that widely-accepted claim. OneCall specifically, is a pretty amazing offering from PivIT. OneCall encompasses our maintenance offering, our support team as well as our OneCall Portal. OneCall maintenance is great because of it’s flexibility and the ability to use OneCall as your primary point of maintenance or as a secondary option for more mission-critical applications where OEM maintenance may just not suffice or be cost-effective. OneCall Support is our customer-facing support staff that is made up of engineers, solution specialist and product-specific experts which all allow us to deliver quick and effective service to all of our customers—whether or not they are currently active maintenance customers. And finally, our OneCall Portal is truly a single pane of glass we offer to our OneCall Maintenance customers where they can view all of their assets maintenance contracts, and manage open support tickets in one single place – whether or not the hardware or maintenance contracts were purchased from PivIT or OneCall. Essentially, the portal is one place that simplifies the administrative work of managing networks across multiple locations, something we built in house with making our customers lives easier, at the heart of it all.

We offer demos of our portal and more information on all of our OneCall solutions.

Q: What can we expect from PivIT in the future?

A: PivIT continues to be focused on growth, customer acquisition, and partnering with leading OEM’s to best serve our clients now and moving forward. While growth is top of mind for us, we will never lose our dedication to providing the be highest levels of service of support to clients. After all, they are why we do, what we do. And as PivIT grows, opportunities for our employees—who are the heart and soul of our company—grow and they get build on their already awesome professional strengths and passions.