PC-Doctor Provides Computer Technicians With The Most Comprehensive Set Of Diagnostic, System Software Tools

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Founded in 1993, PC-Doctor, Inc., is the global leader in PC and Android hardware diagnostics and system health solutions— offering the most comprehensive set of diagnostic, system information and software tools available. With over 20 years experience developing and delivering effective diagnostic system health solutions that reduce service delivery costs and improve the customer experience, their solutions optimize product quality, support, and service for the computer user, generating demonstrable savings to PC manufacturers, service providers and their customers. PC-Doctor’s system health solutions support PC and Android devices that are used by OEMs, support centers, factories, repair facilities, technicians, and individuals. These robust solutions are comprised of patent-driven hardware diagnostics, Direct System InformationTM, intelligent messaging, pro-active system monitoring, drive erasure tools, and high end reporting options throughout the full system lifecycle. Below is our interview with Bob Zaretsky, Director of Business Development at PC-Doctor:


Q: PC-Doctor recently introduced a cloud-based remote diagnostics tool for service technicians; could you tell us something more?

A: PC-Doctor diagnostics tools are used by technicians globally, providing industry standard diagnostics, the most extensive system information available, along with professionally branded reports. Service Center Remote takes things one step further, offering cloud-based remote diagnostics that are reliable, secure and easy to use.

Developed in response to the needs of computer technicians, computer repair shops and tech support centers, Service Center Remote moves computer repair out of the shop and into the cloud. Leveraging the same diagnostic technology used by many of the world’s largest computer OEMs and factories, Service Center Remote enables testing of customer systems from anywhere in the world in just a few easy and secure steps. Cloud-based reports allow viewing of test reports from anywhere with an internet connection, providing seamless sharing of test and system data among team members. Repair shops are able to pinpoint hardware issues without the need to be physically in front of a device experiencing issues. Technicians can save travel time, as well as minimize the number of components needed when repairs are necessary.

Service Center Remote provides independent technicians, computer repair shops, tech support centers and IT departments the ability to centralize expertise and run more efficient repair operations—while identifying issues quickly and accurately with hundreds of diagnostics. Additionally, Service Center Remote is available in a variety of plans to enable users to run multiple concurrent diagnostic sessions, so technicians can troubleshoot efficiently no matter the size of the organization.

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Q: Can you give us more insight into your products?

A: PC-Doctor offers solutions for each phase of the device lifecycle, from design to refurbishment, resulting in a demonstrable return on investment. We help our customers validate new designs and changes in prototypes before a device goes to manufacturing with our Factory and Network Factory products, ensuring a smooth transition to production. If we can’t avoid the problem, we help our customers reduce the time spent on the phone with technical support with our customizable pre-load options. If a device must go in for repair, we help to minimize repair cycle costs and repair times with data driven diagnostic solutions that assist in getting the repair right the first time. And through this entire process, we review and analyze data that can be driven back into product design, to improve overall product quality during future development cycles. Products include:

· PC-Doctor Factory (for high volume manufacturing, repair, refurbishment and recycling): Factory solutions are the gold standard for high-quality and high-volume operations that make, repair and refurbish PCs and Android devices. They reduce out-of-box-failures and improve first-time-fix rates using the world’s best computer hardware diagnostics. Also available is PC-Doctor Network Factory for increased information sharing, including database software and a monitoring console. Available in Windows, DOS, Linux, Windows PE and our custom Bootable environment.

· PC-Doctor Toolbox for Windows (for end users): PC-Doctor Toolbox offers consumers what PC makers worldwide have relied on for years — our industry standard hardware diagnostics, advanced system information, system history, monitoring tools, and more.

· PC-Doctor for Windows (for system manufacturers): Similar to PC-Doctor Toolbox, but is pre-loaded on end user systems by OEMs. PC-Doctor for Windows deflects service calls by giving end users the tools they need to diagnose hardware problems. When service calls occur, PC-Doctor for Windows provides support technicians with powerful hardware diagnostics and system information tools to speed call resolution and increase first-call resolution rates.

· PC-Doctor Service Center (used by repair technicians, computer repair shops, tech support centers and IT departments): These five-star rated, PC-Doctor branded, hardware diagnostic tools are used by PC, Android, and Mac repair technicians, service professionals, and hobbyists, on the bench and on the road. Large and small repair organizations use these device troubleshooting toolkits to shorten system diagnostic time and reduce parts usage. Recently updated to include integration with Service Center Remote for coud storage of diagnostic reports. Testing available for PCs, Macs and Android devices.

· NEW PC-Doctor Service Center Remote (used by repair technicians, computer repair shops, tech support centers and IT departments): See question #2 above. Technicians have appreciated the benefits of PC-Doctor Service Center kits for years, providing industry standard hardware diagnostics, the most extensive system information available, along with professionally branded reports. Service Center Remote takes things one step further, offering cloud-based remote diagnostics that are reliable, secure and easy to use. Expand your service area by moving out of the shop and into the cloud!

· Drive Erase (included with Factory and Service Center) – A full set of drive wipe tools with multiple options and reporting. Conforms to military standards.

· Bootpath Diagnostics (used by high volume manufacturers): BootPath Diagnostics allow end users to troubleshoot systems that fail to boot into any operating system. BootPath Diagnostics are often integrated into the system ROM as a BIOS extension, making them available even when all storage devices are unavailable, and may also be used from a CD, USB drive, network location, or disk partition. This enables end users to better diagnose non-booting systems and provides savings in associated support and warranty costs.

· PC-Doctor Toolbox for Android (for end users): Improve the quality and hardware integrity of Android based products with PC-Doctor for Android. PC-Doctor Toolbox is the top app for system health, accurately identifying critical health issues for all your Android devices. Available on Google Play

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Q: What makes PC-Doctor a good choice?

A: PC-Doctor has been the industry standard in hardware diagnostics and system health for over 20 years. Many of the top PC manufacturers have pre-installed our diagnostic software on hundreds of millions of systems to help reduce unnecessary warranty returns. We are the only diagnostics company that can make this claim. In addition, we work with a wide variety of customers from PC, phone, and server manufacturers to medical device manufacturers; from small home-based repair operations to the world’s largest repair organizations, providing us with the breadth of knowledge to ensure our diagnostics are accurate and current at all times.

We also consider the experiences of customers who use our software throughout the entire PC lifecycle. We partner with all of our customers for a unique experience that meets each of our customers’ business and technical needs. Our contracts do not permit us to identify the companies by name, but we can cite their successes. Here are several examples:

· A large PC manufacturer saw a savings of over $7M within 12 months of integrating PC-Doctor into their support processes.

· A warranty repair depot for a major OEM reduced “loopers” — PCs returned for the same repair — from 16% to less than 1%. They also have had successive months with zero failures reported – something that has never happened before.

· After a major PC OEM call center integrated the use of our diagnostics into their support process, the call center’s No Trouble Found rate dropped from 18% to 4%.

· A Fortune 100 defense contractor reduced RMA rates from more than 6-7% to <1%. · Six months after implementing PC-Doctor into their repair process, a major PC OEM experienced a 50% reduction in repeat return rates. Finally, it is important to reflect on the level of accuracy required to achieve this diagnostic success. Simply stated, we believe our diagnostics are the industry’s most thorough because we see more issues, develop more proactively and make more improvements than any other diagnostics company because of our relationships with large OEMs who ship our software on millions of systems. These industry leaders demand speed and the highest accuracy rate possible because they rely on us in design, manufacturing, support and service of their systems. PC-Doctor_premier_kitRecommended: Digital Marketing Agency Xtreme Websites Provides Its Clients With Tangible Results

Q: What are some of the more interesting ways your diagnostics have been used?

A: PC-Doctor hardware diagnostics were used to measure hardware degradation in a study lead by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Homeland Security on the impact of biological decontamination on electrical systems. In short, chlorine dioxide gas was used to successfully decontaminate several major buildings in the U.S. following the anthrax letter attacks in 2001. The resulting publication, titled Reliability of Electronic Equipment Exposed to Chlorine Dioxide Used for Biological Contamination, shows that failures in the decontaminated systems were many times higher than systems not exposed to chlorine dioxide fumigation.

PC-Doctor diagnostics are relied upon in many other critical functions, including: testing and monitoring the health of computers in military fighter jets, systems that deliver cancer treatments, ultrasound machines, and heart monitors.

Our diagnostics are also pre-loaded on boutique gaming PCs and used by gamers and hobbyists.