Ominto: Loyalty Programs Are No Longer An Option For Businesses, They Are A Requirement

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Below is our recent interview with Michael Hansen, CEO at Ominto:

Q: Michael, please tell us about Ominto?

A: Ominto is a growing company with global operations in the e-commerce, marketing, and entertainment industries. As a pioneer in global Cash Back and first-to-market in many regions of the world, today Ominto operates in more than 120 countries. At the core of Ominto’s business is, a global Cash Back website. features more than 12,000 brand name stores and industry-leading travel companies from around the world, providing Cash Back earnings to consumers on every purchase.

Q: In your experience, what do online shoppers expect today and how does Ominto address this?

A: Shoppers demand convenience, value and variety. Internet-savvy buyers spend time researching products online and reading online reviews to find the best deal possible. Today, online shoppers are shopping at every moment – unlike in years past where they had to make a conscious effort to shop. Price continues to remain the most important consideration when consumers decide where to buy. As such, coupons and deals are a motivating factor when shopping. Understanding the consumer mindset is critical when formulating brand positioning. This is exactly what is designed to address.

Q: How has e-commerce changed since Dubli first started 15 years ago?

A: As with any disruptive technology, the Internet has changed the way people live, work, shop and travel. When we first started, consumers weren’t as comfortable using the Internet for shopping as they are today, and many retailers weren’t online yet. Today, the question is not IF consumers will shop online but rather HOW their shopping experience can be enriched. E-commerce has grown exponentially and we have kept up with the trends by providing shoppers with the great benefits and rewards.

Q: How does Ominto make online shopping more rewarding for consumers?

A: Cash Back is free money for something the consumer is going to do anyway – shop. Consumers want reward programs that give perks for their existing spending patterns. They don’t want to change their purchasing behavior to receive rewards. With, shoppers: find their favorite store or travel site and then shop directly with them. Furthermore, many reward programs prove to be less relevant to the consumer or are based on boosting reward percentages temporarily. Our focus lies in providing the financially savvy shopper unlimited rewards, as well as new ways to accelerate their earnings easily and simply.

Q: Please tell us about your global Cash Back shopping site,, and how it helps people save money on all their online shopping needs?

A: shoppers can earn up to 30% Cash Back on every purchase and maximize their savings with coupons, deals and free shipping offers. Our shoppers shop smart and can choose from 30+ shopping categories, so there’s always something to save on. The powerful aspect of is that it does not conflict with other loyalty programs or memberships; rather it’s complementary. The customer can still book a flight, earn their bonus miles, earn Cash Back from their credit card, and earn Cash Back when shopping through This triple-dip strategy provides great benefits for consumers all over the globe. With a global e-shopper audience, is the most comprehensive Cash Back shopping website in the world. It gives its members exclusive access to online retail and travel deals, discounts, voucher codes, free shipping offers and, most importantly, Cash Back on every purchase. A customer registers only once and enjoys the benefits forever.

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Q: How does pay customers their Cash Back? How much can an average consumer expect to earn each month/year?

A: Customers earn Cash Back when they shop by logging in, selecting the store of their choice, going to that store through our link and shopping as usual. Once they’ve made a purchase and the payment is verified, Cash Back is processed. The amount of Cash Back that each customer earns depends on their shopping habits and how much they’re spending. The more a customer utilizes our site, the more Cash Back they’ll earn. There is no average or limits as to how much a consumer can earn; it all depends on the individual and where they spend.

Q: offers a VIP membership. Tell us about this membership and how it provides greater benefit for avid online shoppers?

A: For more engaged shoppers, offers an annual VIP Rewards membership. This enhanced membership offers a product and benefit mix, unmatched in the global Cash Back industry and provides a single point of access to a complete array of saving opportunities. The concept of the VIP Rewards membership is simple. Members receive up to several hundred of dollars of potential savings for as little as the price of a cup of coffee. VIP members can save with additional Cash Back on top brand stores, annual extra Cash Back and exclusive deals and deep discounts. For example, VIP Rewards members can book a five-star hotel room at up to 60% off and earn a lucrative 6% Cash Back.

Q: You recently launched a new feature on your site, the SaveMate® Coupon Book. What are the benefits?

A: Our company goal is to maximize our offerings to keep up with the latest e-commerce trends while always providing members with a variety of savings opportunities. With the SaveMate® Coupon Book, members can clip, file, and save coupons to their personal Coupon Book for quick and easy access every time they shop online. SaveMate’s appeal is in personalizing coupons by categories. For example, a shopper finds a valuable travel offer, they would simply select the coupon and clip it to their travel clipboard, or if they find an offer on a pair of shoes, they clip to shoes or their fashion clipboard and then can come back later when they’re ready to spend. SaveMate® makes it easy and convenient for the shopper to maximize their savings at any time.

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Q: How can a consumer join

A: Joining is easy and free. Shoppers can join by visiting the site or via email or Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to save time signing up. Each new customer earns double Cash Back for the first 90 days. Additionally, shoppers can choose their preferred site language, regardless of the country they shop from.

Q: How do companies like Ominto retain customers without running its own traditional reward program?

A: Loyalty programs are no longer an option for businesses, they are a requirement. We believe there are two primary challenges for operating successful loyalty programs – offering relevant and easy-to-redeem rewards and long customer lifetime values. Many loyalty programs are point-based and have only a limited number of products or services. For customers who only make a few purchases each year, point-based systems become tricky to implement and difficult to maintain. Furthermore, most programs reward consumers for achieving a predetermined goal rather than for real-time actions. Our BSP Rewards Partner Program has been designed for businesses and non-profits who want to provide added value to their clients and supporters. BSP Rewards use the same technology foundation as to provide a state-of-the-art global Cash Back shopping experience to businesses and non-profits, by either creating a new or layering on to those organizations existing loyalty programs. Today, BSP Rewards supports more than 1,800 corporate and non-profit co-branded Partner Programs in over 60 countries, with customers in 100 countries around the world. It serves all market sectors and industries from banks to telco companies, sports teams to philanthropic organizations. Not only does BSP Rewards fosters brand loyalty and customers retention, it also has an additional benefit for Partners by offering a generous 30% commission on all sales that are driven through their co-branded website. BSP Rewards offers a loyalty program like Fortune 500s, but at a fraction of the cost.