Olapic Unites Proprietary Algorithms And Human Intelligence To Enable Brands To Build Trust And Inspire Action

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Olapic is an innovator in visual content solutions, and pioneer of the first visual earned content platform. Leveraging Olapic’s earned content platform, marketers are able to create unique, on-brand visual content formats (e.g., photos, videos, etc.) for use across all consumer touchpoints, and to drive brand engagement and performance at scale. Olapic works with more than 400 of the world’s most iconic consumer brands including, Calvin Klein, L’Oreal, The NorthFace, JetBlue, Omni Hotels & Resorts, Steve Madden and West Elm, to name a few. Below is our interview with Jocelyn Johnson from Olapic:

Q: Olapic recently announced expansion of its presence in APAC to support growing use of user-generated content (UGC) by Brands; could you tell us something more?

A: Consumers today are ad averse, and many are installing ad blockers at alarming rates. As brands and advertisers continue to search for new ways to reach and engage with consumers, especially millennials and Gen Z audiences, user-generated content (UGC) has emerged as a powerful solution, capable of reaching these consumers, without disrupting their experience.

While UGC is already seeing widespread adoption and recognition in North America, recent research suggests that 86 percent of Asia-Pacific brands say UGC will be a valuable part of their 2017 marketing strategies as well. By expanding to the APAC region, Olapic will be able to help support the use of influencer and UGC content by brands. As far as a physical footprint, Olapic will occupy office space in Hong Kong, Tokyo and within the Unilever Foundry LEVEL3 co-working space in Singapore to service brands across the region.

With this announcement, brands in APAC will be able to tap into Olapic’s earned content platform for the collection, moderation and distribution of influencer and UGC content. They will also be able to take advantage of new formats, such as Olapic’s Content in Motion vertical video solution.

Leading retailers and digital marketers with a presence in the APAC region further validated Olapic’s decision to penetrate the market. Specifically, TSI Holdings in Japan has spoken on the rising importance of creating more authentic dialogue with customers. With more than 34 retail brands, TSI Holdings was able to increase conversion rates across several of its e-commerce properties, and saw improvement and increased performance in social media advertising by implementing Olapic solutions. TSI Holdings brands currently using Olapic include JILL by JILL STUART, Free’s Mart, N. Natural Beauty Basic, and PROPORTION BODY DRESSING.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your products?

A: Olapic’s hero product is its earned content platform, which unites proprietary algorithms and human intelligence to enable brands to build trust and inspire action at every touchpoint.

When deployed by a brand, first, Olapic’s earned content platform aggregates images and videos shared by people all over the world. From there, the platform combines proprietary algorithms and human moderation, via Olapic’s content team, to identify and assess the content, and to determine which content will resonate best with the brand’s voice, tone, audience, etc. Once a photo has been declared satisfactory for use, Olapic works to request photo rights, tag the brand’s products and organize the content.

Next comes the process of activation. Using the approved and aggregated visual content, Olapic works with the brand to power marketing and e-commerce strategies across the marketing stack and across channels (e.g., web and e-commerce, social, mobile, email, offline, etc.). All of this is done with the intent of driving ROI, increasing average order value and positively impacting sales.

Olapic’s earned content platform is capable of analyzing every piece of content to measure impact on revenue, performance and engagement using metrics like total clicks, conversions, average click-through rate and conversion rate. The platform can even help uncover trends or common themes, for example, identifying and understanding a brand’s most influential brand champions.

Olapic’s foray into vertical video solutions is its Content in Motion product. Content in Motion turns static images into dynamic, animated content. This content can be activated at scale, with exportable formats that are designed to perform across site, social, ads and more. Content in Motion can help increase consumer touchpoints and eliminate creative fatigue with animated assets that drive brand and/or product awareness.

Content in Motion has the power to generate a 33 percent post engagement lift on Instagram, with a 93 percent lift on completed video views on Instagram.

Two additional Olapic products that help monetize and maximize branded content are its Tapshop and Content Scheduler solutions.

Tapshop provides a link between Instagram and a brand’s e-commerce site, enabling brands to drive traffic, revenue and conversions from their audience on Instagram. Tapshop effectively makes an Instagram account “shoppable,” by cutting down on “clicks” and removing friction to ultimately drive a consumer to make a purchase.

Olapic’s Content Scheduler takes the guesswork out of posting content across Pinterest and Instagram, thus helping a brand reach and better connect with consumers. With the Content Scheduler, brand can quickly activate or schedule earned and owned assets across the two social platforms. Scheduled content is populated into a content calendar, making it easier to stay organized. Brands are also able to drill into the platform to analyze top performing content.

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Q: What makes Olapic a good choice?

A: As a pioneer in earned visual content, Olapic has a proven track record of helping brands reach, engage and inspire consumers across every touchpoint.

To date, Olapic has collected 368 million earned content pieces, analyzes 53 million data points daily; and in 2016 alone, influenced more than $495 million in revenue.

Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: Over the course of the next six months, Olapic will continue to look for new ways to penetrate and innovate influencer and UGC marketing strategies. Whether it is through the pursuit of new partner integrations or the debut of new products altogether, Olapic will continue to keep its brand and technology on the forefront of modern day marketing techniques.