Nexcopy Has A Specific Focus On Flash Memory Duplication, Printing And Production Needs

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Nexcopy is a California corporation based in Orange County; some call it the silicon valley of the south. Nexcopy started in 2004 in a home garage.

Below is our recent interview with Greg Morris, President & CEO of Nexcopy:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Nexcopy?

A: The USB200PC was our first USB duplicator product. To this day, the USB duplicator is still our flagship product line; although the product has drastically improved, we have different sizes and features available today. The Nexcopy brand name is well known throughout the world. Our product is sold through a network of authorized resellers with at least one located on every continent. Our brand is easily found on the first page from any search engine like; Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing. The foundation of Nexcopy’s brand is based on three pillars: Great reliability, excellent customer support and deep knowledge of the industry. Greg Morris is the founder and CEO of Nexcopy Incorporated.

Q: What kind of technology does Nexcopy offer?

A: Nexcopy has a specific focus on flash memory duplication, printing and production needs. The business started out with one product geared towards USB duplication. From that single product, Nexcopy’s business has expanded into other duplication equipment such as SD card duplicators, microSD cards duplicators, Compact Flash cards duplicators, and of course our most recent product, the USB Type C duplicator. During this expansion process of hardware, Nexcopy also developed copy protection of digital files on USB drives and mobile devices. Several years ago, Nexcopy introduced a USB flash drive printer which really rounded out our product offering. From the devices, to the duplication equipment to the branding equipment, Nexcopy is a one-stop manufacturer for anyone who deals in flash memory.

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Q: What trends are you seeing in today’s market?

A: We are seeing a very clear trend in today’s market. The optical drive is dying very quickly. Nexcopy receives phone calls on a daily basis about a company who traditional provided product on CD or DVD, is now required to supply the same content on USB. This is true, because optical drives are gone in laptops and nearly nonexistent in tower PCs.

Q: You’ve recently launched your first USB-C duplicator system; could you tell us something more?

A: Nexcopy released the USB-C duplicator, or USB Type C duplicator, because of increased demand from clients who have USB Type C only flash drives. It’s important to understand that USB is, by far, the number one method for sharing information in a physical form. USB is also the most popular connection method to any external device, so it’s a technology that will be around for a very long time. However, the host devices these days are getting slimmer and slimmer. With the USB type A connector, an equipment manufacturer may not be able to get the slim lines they desire. So the alternative is incorporating a USB type C connector. This is slimmer and smaller – in technology, is a good thing. With that said, we felt the time was right to introduce a USB-C duplicator into the market to address this demand.

Q: What makes your products the best out there?

A: Great question. Our knowledge and experience give Nexcopy the opportunity to be the best out there. I say this for several reasons. First, our company is focused on flash memory products. We do not sell, and never have, sold optical duplicators, or computer components. This means we stay focused on what we feel is important. Second, because of our niche market and self-discipline on focus, we are able to learn and apply. Our ability to understand what a customer needs, in conjunction with the technical aspects of what is available, makes Nexcopy an excellent resource. We’ve heard, time and time again, after the first phone call how helpful and knowledgeable our staff has been to the client. Because of this knowledge, companies are able to make the proper decision more quickly. Third, and finally, our support. Nexcopy provides excellent email, phone and instant chat support. Our products don’t have many issues, as there are no moving parts, but flash memory can get tricky, and most times our clients are looking for advice or guidance to the issue they have at hand. For anyone reading this, just give us a call, you will quickly understand what I’m talking about.

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Q: What can we expect from Nexcopy in the future?

A: Nexcopy is looking into USB copy protection that will also play back on Smart TVs. This is a very challenging problem. Copy protection is very difficult to master. It is much hard blocking someone out, than letting someone in. On top of that fundamental challenge is getting support for the encrypted content on devices which have dozens of operating systems. The Smart TV market is very young and the manufacturers are refusing to settle with one OS, and this stubbornness creates a very big obstacle for a company like Nexcopy. However; we are determined to solve the problem and have some good prototypes already in the works. If the reader or listener is an owner of intellectual property, then our copy protection solutions are something worth looking into.