New Book Announcement: Level Up By Sparxoo CEO David Capece And Co-Author Stonehill CEO Doug Pace

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Agency Leaders Share New Framework to Grow Services Organizations

Sparxoo and Stonehill Innovation announce the publishing of Level Up, a book that serves as a guide on how to set up and grow a professional services firm, including organizational structure, tools, metrics and an operational checklist. The book is called “Level Up” because as professional services firms grow, priorities adjust based on the level of the organization. With zero to 10 employees, the focus is all on driving revenue, while with 10 to 25, it’s about creating processes and hiring junior staff. When you hit 25 and up, it’s a whole new focus. If you don’t have solid middle management at 50 employees, you will go backward.

The idea for this book came about as co-authors Doug Pace, CEO of Stonehill Innovation and David Capece, CEO of Sparxoo discussed their experiences in growing their respective digital agencies. Their passion for what they learned through the process compelled them to share their tips, skills, and secrets with others. The marketplace for agencies and professional services is evolving rapidly, so it’s more important than ever to be empowered with tools and knowledge to ensure long-term business sustainability.

“Leaders encounter the biggest problems identifying the right metrics to manage a professional services agency,” Pace said. “You can’t just get to the end of the month, look at your P&L and say, ‘How much did I make?'”

“We’ve been through this process, understand the challenges, and have learned from our mistakes (so you don’t have to!) We’ve developed a proven system that is easily repeatable, scalable, and adaptable to your unique needs.”

For more information or to download the digital version of Level Up for free, visit to download the digital version of Level Up for free .

About Sparxoo
Sparxoo is an award-winning digital agency that delivers strategically creative impact to empower market leadership for clients. With a results-driven mindset, Sparxoo’s team help clients accelerate growth.

About Stonehill
Stonehill is a strategy and innovation consultancy that helps businesses identify opportunity, create change, and accelerate growth. They use the design thinking approach to define brands, design services, and deliver experiences.