Meet Quppy – A Unique Solution For Purchasing, Selling, Storing And Managing Your Crypto And Fiat Assets

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Quppy is a very promising payment solution gaining global popularity. Quppy wallet is designed to alleviate the struggle to find multiple wallets for different crypto accounts. Apart from that, the platform offers useful crypto tools.

We have asked a few questions Dmitry Nikiforov, CEO of Quppy about the main features, advantages and future plans for Quppy Platform.

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Quppy?

A: First of all, Quppy is a company based in Estonia. Quppy Wallet is a multi-currency crypto-wallet which supports cross-platform applications.

The platform enables users to share crypto assets via different accounts inside one single wallet. It also houses an advanced crypto portal that will help both corporate and private clients to integrate traditional banking services into the crypto world.

Quppy supports a fast exchange of a versatile range of cryptocurrencies and fiat money such as (but not limited to) Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin, and EURO.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your solutions?

A: Let’s start with White label.

Q: What are the benefits?

A: The new system serves payment providers enabling them to use third-party technologies and support payment acceptance for their merchant customers.

The white label simplifies payment processing for customers.

Q: What about security?

A: The security is achieved by means of decentralization: the funds are available to the client only – Quppy has no access to them.

We also fight with fraud. The new payment gateway offers tools to help with that. The system protects genuine revenues while reducing the costs and administration associated with fraudulent activities.

Q: Main advantages?

A: Let’s talk about the most essential ones. The WL solution has a rapid deployment time. You have no need to build anything from scratch. With the white label, the client has own platform ready for action. The system also has the tested core, a private service for technical development and lower labor cost long term. The most important thing to remember here – now you have no need to create your own platform.

Q: Any other useful tools?

A: We are currently offering the members to open an IBAN account in a European Bank. The account supports SEPA transfers.

Q: Tell us more about the EU collection account.

A: Sure, the Client can receive Euro bank transfers from any EU account. The great thing is that the company appears European due to local payment capabilities. The IBAN payment cost has been reduced.

Q: Tell us briefly about the Cryptocurrency purchase.

A: The purchase of the cryptocurrency is carried out at the agreed rate after fiat funds are credited to the IBAN account of Quppy Europe OU. The list of cryptocurrencies with which transactions are carried out is agreed with the Client.

Q: What happens after the exchange operation?

A: After the exchange operation, the cryptocurrency is transferred to the crypto-wallet specified by the Client. To perform this operation, it is necessary to pass a simplified AML/KYC identification by filling in the questionnaire.

The customers value the above-mentioned tools. They help promote Quppy App. The updated statistics shows that: 90,000 downloads, top geo: USA, Britain, Brazil, South Africa, Spain, Italy, Turkey.

Q: There are so many competitors on the market right now. What are your strong points?

A: What separates Quppy Wallet from other regular wallets is its exclusive cross-platform compatibility which is not viable with the existing counterparts. The wallet allows users to share crypto assets via different accounts inside one single wallet as far as within a decentralized storage system.

Let’s repeat once more. Quppy is “a Swiss knife” in the crypto world – it provides decentralized lending and payment service within one platform: Blockchain-based peer-to-peer lending, crypto-fiat payments, legal fiat-crypto-fiat transactions regardless of region and legislation and a decentralized payment system with blockchain based transactions’ storage.

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Q: Do you see blockchain technology as a global game changer and why?

A: The modern world is on the verge of a decentralization revolution. It’s initiator – the blockchain technology. It could be a driver for radical changes in a wide range of industries, business models, and operational processes. The blockchain revolution is often compared to the appearance of the Internet in the early 1990s.

The blockchain has already a great influence on the financial and banking sphere. Experts from the European Bank of Santander have estimated the potential savings from the introduction of blockchain technologies at $15–20 billion a year.

We believe in the blockchain revolution. The same revolution we had with the Internet. But it resulted in increased control, secrecy, and hegemony instead of increasing personal freedom and redistribution of value. The blockchain is capable of destroying this system with its ability to create a network of people who do not know each other, do not have to trust each other in order to work together and create value, and honestly share in a transparent and secure manner.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: 2018 has been very rich for our platform development: MVP Quppy.Pay, the implementation of a Security System for cryptocurrency Holders, the obtainment of a license for financial activities in the EU.

In 2019 we are planning to launch the Quppy.Pay card, banking products for individuals and credits in cryptocurrencies. At the end of the year, we are planning to provide loans for legal entities. As you can see, – we have plenty of work to be done.