Meet Aissel – Software Technology Solutions And Business Research Company Specializing In Healthcare Thought Leader Analytics

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Aissel Technologies is a Medical Influencer management solutions provider with offices in Boston, Hubli and Bangalore. Their platform is deployed at industry-leading global life sciences companies and is used by users across 18 countries. Their Influencer Platform, through rich data analytics and innovative features, helps users in life-sciences companies Discover and Engage the right Medical Influencers. Below is our recent interview with the Co-founder & CEO at Aissel Technologies, Prasad Patil:

Q: Could you tell us something more about your new product, konectar?

A: konectar is a highly advanced Medical Opinion Leader Management Platform designed to enable industry-leading life science companies to discover, profile and engage the right medical experts for their business objectives.

konectar platform has a readily curated database of medical influencers which can be accessed by the users through the cloud application. The platform enables users to search for influencers by specific targeted disease areas and segment the target Healthcare Professionals into global, national and regional influencers.

One of the most important strategies for life sciences companies continues to be to create effective communications. This requires reliable data analytics and konectar equips the users with this information. The platform also has built-in CRM features, advanced network visualizations and data analytics, and is built to offer maximum flexibility to customers.

Q: What are the main advantages of your KOL Management Platform?

A: konectar Platform gives the users access to readily curated data on Healthcare Professionals. All the analytics are designed to provide ready-to-use insights. Users can take decisions on choosing the right individuals for each of their objectives, and since these decisions are backed by solid data, it greatly increases the probability of success.

konectar is designed to offer complete flexibility to the clients. So different companies need not just follow what’s in there and fit in their process into but, can easily and quickly change all workflows to fit their business specific needs.

Most of our users are on the road traveling and meeting customers, and konectar is available on all devices which enables them to access their data from anywhere.

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Q: How can your solutions strategically place life-sciences companies ahead of curve?

A: Our solutions cater essentially to the business intelligence needs of industry leading Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Devices companies, globally. Being able to identify Healthcare Professionals whose career is in an upward trend, early on places a big strategic advantage because you can develop sound professional relationships much early on. konectar equips users competitive intelligence allowing our clients to make tactical changes to their communications strategy and who they have to be working with to achieve better success.

Q: What are your future plans?

A: We will continue to build konectar into a more comprehensive platform that help the users in a multitude of things, without actually increasing the cost for them. We are currently working on improvising a lot of analytics based on Machine Learning so we can get as close to every user’s preference as possible.

This will be the most comprehensive platform with the most comprehensive database of Healthcare Professionals, available at the most competitive pricing.

Q: What kinds of feedback are you getting from users?

A: The feedback has been very positive and encouraging. Customers are greatly impressed when they see the amount of data that’s in there, and the analytics that they can use. When they see the capabilities, they immediately start seeing how it’s going to make a lot of things easier for them!