Kamorii Makes Adult Sex Education More Balanced, Better Illustrated, And More Accessible

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Kamorii seeks to deliver adult men and women of all ages, coupled or single, with a product to advance their sexual knowledge and pleasure. They have searched the globe for the best sexual techniques and positions and worked hard to make learning them easy and fun.

Below is our intervew with Julia Akers, the Founder of Kamorii:

Julia Akers

Q: How did you come up the idea for Kamorii?

A: The concept of Kamorii arose from various observations on the current state of adult sex education. First we noted that most quality advice is in book format and, as we all know, young adults generally use tech to access information. In a survey conducted by the UK’s National Union of Students, 60% of students stated that they use porn for sex education purposes, which was a huge concern for us for obvious reasons. Books are also limited as regards length and illustration due to the high cost of print.

Secondly, many current SexEd websites are owned by old brands which have outdated web design, minimal content, low quality illustration and mainly exist to push products. The old style of a hard sell to push an eBook or DVD is still alive and well in the sexual technique arena. In addition, the big online magazines and tabloids use sex advice as click bait and unfortunately they dominate Google searches in this area due to their high domain authority. This means that most people will only see low quality snippets of sex advice designed purely to grab attention. The only other quality online sex guide out there is OMGYes.com, but this is strictly focused on female masturbation technique.

Finally, we were alarmed to see that most sex advice has been given by men, dating way back to The Joy of Sex through to the badgirlsbible.com and masterful-lover.com. This results in men missing out on sex advice from women. In many cases, the manner in which such advice is given is also worryingly based on very old fashioned ideas about men and women and attempts to manipulate people on the basis of sexual insecurity.

In bringing quality sex advice online, we have made it more comprehensive, better illustrated, more balanced, non-judgmental, more cost effective and more accessible. In addition, we give younger adults healthier insights into the world of sexual technique.

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Q: Who makes your team?

A: Kamorii has a core team of 3 sexpert writers, 4 digital artists, 2 graphic designers and 2 web developers. The core writing team is made up of Kerri Cust, a Canadian tantric sex coach, and Maya Liyer, a London-based dominatrix and myself, a sexual technique researcher. Kerri has worked in Thailand for 5 years as a tantra coach specialising in introducing tantric sex to couples. Maya has spent the last 10 years helping both couples and individuals enter the world of kink in a safe and consensual environment. This female sexpert team also provides our male members with a rare insight into female pleasure from a female perspective. Our artists are a wonderful international team of professional concept illustrators.

Q: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in launching your company and how did you overcome it?

A: As we are a tech/online business our biggest challenge (as is the case for all online businesses) has been SEO. Everyone knows that the online market dwarfs all others and wanting a piece of this vast market catapults you into a battle with Google. Basically you want people who are looking for a product like yours to find it, it’s a simple concept, but astronomically difficult to achieve. You can of course pay an SEO professional to do it, but finding a good SEO expert is both difficult and expensive. We therefore decided to do a DIY approach so that we can continually improve SEO in-house. There are some great gurus out there to help such as Neil Patel, Brian Dean and Chase Reiner on YouTube. We follow them religiously and implement their advice. We are now seeing great results from our SEO strategy such as an 8-point increase in our domain authority and a huge jump in kamorii.com’s global and US ranking.

Q: Who are the primary users of Kamorii and what are some of the key challenges you are helping them solve?

A: Kamorii users are of all ages and all demographics which is wonderful to see. There is a very slight dominance in the 25 to 34 and 45 to 54 age brackets and 58% are male. We believe our customers are keen self-developers who want to give their partner(s) maximum pleasure and of course have more pleasure themselves.

There are thousands of techniques out there and they are not taught comprehensively anywhere. Formal sex education stops at the age of 16 and this is limited to advice on procreation and contraception. Sexual technique and pleasure training is left for people to discover themselves and as highlighted earlier there are many issues with current books and websites. This results in many people not knowing about the thousands of techniques and therefore missing out on methods that might work for them and their partners. Kamorii provides 100’s of sexual techniques and positions and we have presented this information in a modern and easily accessible way. Getting this information online was critical and we will be delivering a set of mobile applications and language translations this year to make it even more accessible.

One user commented “Unlike so many books on sex and techniques, Kamorii does not rely on the written word only, with pages and pages of text to bore your senses from the outset. The artwork of Kamorii is stunning, breathtaking and sensual.” We were so happy to get this feedback as one of the issues we were trying to resolve was couples not having to read too much and being able to simply look at illustrated techniques and try them out quickly.

Another problem we attempt to assist with is sex life longevity. Many couples find themselves doing the same moves week after week and sometimes they stop having sex altogether. Kamorii encourages couples to keep exploring and to try and keep things interesting by trying out new techniques and sex position sequences. Kamorii has enough sex positions and techniques for couples to try something new every day for 2 years.

Finally, with the success of Fifty Shades of Grey the interest in kink has skyrocketed. We therefore decided to create the web’s first real introduction to S&M which helps couples get kinky in a safe and exciting way. Similarly, tantric sex can be a difficult area to access and we again created the first beginner’s guide to tantric sex that makes bringing tantric sex into your sex life very easy.

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Q: What’s the vision that guides you?

A: We hire experts in the field who actively increase intimate pleasure for people every day. Our artists are some of the best digital concept illustrators in the world. All of this neatly packaged in a cutting edge and easy to use website.

Our mantra is “Always strive for more pleasure. Never stop learning. Have fun.” This sums up our vision perfectly.