Jetson Inc. Secures $15M Investment For Its Revolutionary “Flying Car”

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Jetson ONE - Personal Aircraft

Jetson Inc. , a trailblazing aviation company, has successfully closed a $15M seed round for its groundbreaking personal electric aerial vehicle, the Jetson ONE. This investment round saw participation from global angel investors, including the multifaceted tech entrepreneur and rapper,

A New Era in Personal Aerial Mobility

Jetson is leading the charge in the emerging market of personal electric aerial vehicles with its flagship product, the Jetson ONE. This “flying car” promises a unique blend of safety, fun, and innovation. With deliveries slated to commence in 2024, the future of urban air mobility is on the horizon.

Star-studded Investment and Endorsements

The recent $15M seed round attracted a diverse group of pioneering angel investors from across the globe. Among the notable names is, who is not just an investor but also an enthusiastic future pilot of the Jetson ONE. His involvement underscores the vehicle’s potential in reshaping transportation., known for his tech entrepreneurship and automotive consultancy, expressed his excitement, stating, “I’m proud to be a part of the Jetson family and support the company’s mission to democratize flight, opening the skies to all.”

Jetson’s Vision and Mission

Jetson’s overarching goal is to democratize flight, making the skies accessible to everyone. Stephan D’haene, Jetson’s CEO, emphasized the company’s unique approach to Urban Air Mobility. He said, “We approach Urban Air Mobility by developing and bringing to market eVTOL aircraft within existing legislative frameworks. This may be the biggest opportunity in aviation since the Wright brothers took flight.”

Unprecedented Demand and Popularity

The demand for the Jetson ONE has been nothing short of spectacular. The company has already pre-sold over 300 units at $98,000 each. Furthermore, Jetson’s online presence is formidable, boasting over 48 million views on its YouTube channel, making it arguably the most popular eVTOL on the internet today.

Expanding Operations and Future Plans

Jetson’s current operations are based in a state-of-the-art R&D and production facility in Arezzo, Tuscany. This facility, located south of Florence, includes an 800-meter airstrip, a customer experience center, and a pilot school.

Looking ahead, Jetson has its sights set on the US market. Plans are underway to establish a US headquarters in 2024, with several locations currently under evaluation. Tomasz Patan, co-founder and CTO, expressed optimism about this expansion, highlighting the potential of the US market for Jetson’s innovative products.

In conclusion, the future of personal aerial mobility looks promising with companies like Jetson leading the way. With significant investments, a clear vision, and a product that resonates with the masses, the skies might soon be open to all.

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