in/PACT Announces The Launch Of GoodCoin Charitable Donation Platform For Banks And Financial Institutions

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in/PACT is a cloud-based giving platform that allows brands to connect to their customers around causes they both care about. With over one million causes and a strong set of APIs, their platform eliminates time consuming processes, streamlines workflows and provides robust enterprise features designed for high volume executions.

Below is our interview with John McNeel, CEO and Co-Founder of in/PACT, inc.:

Q: Why is now the time for a technology solution like in/PACT?

A: Despite the fact that charitable giving accounts for nearly $400 billion annually in the US, in reality it only represents around 2% of GDP in the US, and it has been stuck at that level since 1971. For the past fifty years, therefore, we haven’t really gotten more generous as a society. And for all the attention various giving tech platforms are getting these days, 93% of people still use traditional methods like cash, checks, and phones for their charitable giving.

So the tools and infrastructure that the giving industry relies upon haven’t kept up with changing consumer needs and behaviors. What’s required is really a disruption of the industry as we know it – one which will allow not only corporations but individuals to participate in what we might call the “giving economy” in a way that is more meaningful, more regular, and more impactful. To help create this disruption, in/PACT has announced this month the launch of our GoodCoin charitable donation platform for banks and financial institutions.

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Q: Tell us something more about your technology solution?

A: Think of GoodCoin as the equivalent of online bill pay, but for managing all of your charitable donations in one place. GoodCoin will allow people to have the same ease of use, security, flexibility, choice and transparency with charitable giving, managing it all effortlessly from within your online banking account.

The GoodCoin online giving platform will help address three key issues facing the financial services industry today:

● How does the industry need to adapt to usher in the next generation of donors?
● What duty and role do banks and the broader financial services space have to play?
● What do we need to do to help grow the world’s heart?

Banks, credit unions and financial service institutions will benefit from the GoodCoin platform’s ability to better leverage their goodwill, to forge stronger connections to their local communities, and by deepening the relationship with the customer.

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Q: Who are the primary clients of in/PACT?

A: in/PACT works with clients such as FIS, Mastercard, Target, AB InBev, L’Oreal, and other Fortune 500 companies and brands to help enable charitable giving services in their digital channels.

Q: What is your mission?

A: At in/PACT, our people-empowered giving platform helps align charitable passion areas between brands and customers in a scalable way with 1 million+ causes from which to support. Thanks to technology, we can enable an infinite number of cause, brand and customer relationships across the world. By doing so, we enable companies to create shared moments of purpose through customer-directed giving campaigns, driving loyalty, advocacy and sales by empowering customer choice. We’re on a mission to grow the world’s heart by making people-empowered giving the largest contributor to causes in the world.