Cohley Empowers The World’s Best Brands To Generate The Content That They Need Through Vetted 3rd Party Creators

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Below is our recent interview with Bill Pappa, Head Of Sales at Cohley:

Q: For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe Cohley?

A: Cohley is changing the way that brands generate content.Cohley empowers the world’s best brands to generate the content that they need through vetted 3rd party creators, allowing those brands to scale high volumes of diverse, actionable content for a fraction of the cost.

By providing content generation tools and performance analytics in one platform, we drive data-informed content strategies for our customers. Whether the need is for branded photos, videos, or text reviews, Cohley is the content engine that changes the way brands generate content and helps them grow their business.

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Q: How exactly do you change the way brands generate content?

A: 1) Data-driven content decisions

We’re all about driving data-driven content decisions rather than relying on gut-feel to determine what is “good” and “bad” content. Traditional creative strategies tend to focus on generating certain aesthetics based on preconceived (and un-tested) notions of what makes up “good content.” We provide tools for our clients to generate diverse types of content, then test the content within ads to determine what types of content will actually perform best. Often times brands are surprised to find that UGC (user generated content) photos actually perform better in ads than professionally curated content that is perfectly “on brand.”

2) Reducing Time and Cost

In-house photo shoots are expensive, require long lead times, and lack content diversity. Cohley makes it easy to generate outsourced content at scale to complement in-house content, resulting in cost savings, time savings, and diverse content types.

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Q: Can you tell us something more about The Cohley Content Platform? What makes it unique?

A: Brands can run campaigns to generate diverse content types including: product reviews, video testimonials, professional photos, UGC photos, social influencer posts, stop motion videos, etc. Few platforms can do all of the above – most focus on social OR content. With customizable tools and campaigns types, we can tailor the Cohley Content Platform experience based on what’s important to the brand.

Brands have full rights to repurpose all Cohley-generated assets in digital channels. We believe the value of an influencer post reaches much farther than the one time social post – the true value lies in the content that can be repurposed time and time again in marketing channels. That’s why we automatically build in content rights to every Cohley campaign.

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Q: Who are Cohley Creators? What does it take to become one?

A: Cohley creators are vetted content creators and can range from nano to macro influencers, professional photographers, and videographers. Creators must apply and get approved by Cohley before they are allowed on our platform. More info here

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We aim to be the one-stop content shop for all our clients’ content needs. The content space is ever-changing and so are we. We’re always rolling out new tools and features in our platform to help streamline the content generation process while also measuring content performance to optimize content strategy.