Cognigo Uses Cognitive Computing And Artificial Intelligence To Extract, Map And Categorize All Critical Digital Data For Organizations

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Below is our recent interview with Guy Leibovitz, the Founder & CEO of Cognigo:

Guy Leibovitz

Q: For those who have never heard of it, how would you describe Cognigo?

A: Cognigo uses Cognitive Computing and artificial intelligence (AI) to extract, map and categorize all critical digital data for organizations. We solve challenges in data governance, security and compliance, giving companies full visibility and shining a light on “dark data” – which can amount to as much as 80% of a company’s total data set.

Q: Tell us more about the company’s history. How did it start?

A: Cognigo was started in 2016 by an experienced team of experts from the fields of machine learning, cybersecurity, and enterprise data security. As technology continues to advance, our mission is to ensure that companies have control of all their critical data assets. Our long-term vision is to deliver business value through cognitive computing and automation to every aspect of the enterprise.

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Q: How would you say your offering is better than competitors that offer a similar service?

A: Cognigo is the most comprehensive, end-to-end solution in the market. Our DataSense is an advanced AI-driven, platform that offers human-free compliance and data protection. Unlike competitors, DataSense can automatically recognize and categorize structured and unstructured data across a company’s digital assets. For example, if the word “Mexican” appears in a document, DataSense can determine whether it is in an e-mail discussing Mexican food, or a document noting that a customer is a Mexican resident. And while the competition usually takes months to get their solution running, ours only takes a matter of days.

Q: Congratulations on raising $8.5M, could you tell us more about your recent funding round?

A: With GDPR just having gone into effect in May of this year, and other new regulations such as the California Consumer Privacy Act soon approaching, this was the perfect time to capitalize and bring more value to customers. With this new round of funding, we plan to continue development and growth of our business, especially around operations and technology.

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Q: Where do you see Cognigo in five years’ time?

A: Cognigo has grown exponentially in just two years time and we expect even more success in the future. As additional privacy regulations continue to be implemented and organizations become aware of the problem, Cognigo will be essential in helping these businesses become compliant as efficiently as possible.