Automata Revolutionizing Lab Automation With $40M Funding

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Automata - Complete Lab Workflow Automation

Automata, a pioneering company that seamlessly integrates software and hardware, is on a mission to revolutionize science labs worldwide. With a recent injection of $40 million in equity-based funding, the U.K.-based startup is set to capitalize on its burgeoning growth in Europe and the U.S.

From Eva to Automata 2.0

Established in London in 2015, Automata initially aimed at a broad spectrum of industries with its configurable, desktop-based robotic arm named Eva. However, recognizing the limitations of catering to niche use cases, the company re-strategized. They pinpointed sectors on the cusp of an automation upheaval, particularly those ready for comprehensive automation. This insight led to the birth of Automata 2.0, a revamped hardware and software stack tailored for lab-based experimentation and testing. The primary focus Genomics and cell biology.

LINQ The Heart of Automata’s Platform

At the core of Automata’s innovation is LINQ, a cloud-based software that empowers users to synchronize their instruments and orchestrate diverse workflows. This software is complemented by the robotic LINQ bench, designed to transport labware like test tubes across the benchtop. The modular design of the bench ensures adaptability to various lab configurations, with the flexibility to incorporate additional robotic arms and components as needed.

The Impact of Automation in Labs

Automation, in any industry, aims to minimize monotonous manual tasks, slash error rates, and boost capacity and output. For Automata, this translates to refining drug development and testing processes, ensuring quicker and more accurate results.

Financial Milestones and Partnerships

Before this funding round, Automata had secured approximately $57 million, with a significant portion from its Series B round the previous year. With an additional $40 million now at its disposal, the company is poised for further expansion. Their impressive clientele includes NHS Trusts in the U.K., pharmaceutical giants like AstraZeneca, and esteemed academic institutions such as The Francis Crick Institute. The recent funding was spearheaded by U.S.-based VC firm Dimension, with contributions from several other notable investors.

Automata’s journey from its humble beginnings with Eva to its current state-of-the-art lab automation solutions underscores the company’s adaptability and vision. With fresh funding and a clear roadmap, Automata is well-positioned to lead the lab automation sector into a new era.

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