An Interview With Roberto Albertella, The Founder Of AxiO Storage

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Below is our recent interview with Roberto Albertella, the Founder of AxiO Storage:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to AxiO Storage?

A: This is a scrolling world! Digital transformation is forcing companies to change their business models and adapt to the new market reality. AxiO provides a game-changing solution that turns “static” cabinets in “Dynamic shelving units” that can be scrolled, just like the Instagram feed.

Q: What’s your mission?

A: AxiO’s ambition is to bring to life all the cabinets in the world in the next few years, as well as all the furniture for shoes or clothes and, globally, all the cabinets that complicate the life of the elderly and people hampered by a physical disability. Accessibility benefits everyone because it increases the attractiveness of a store and makes life easier for those of us who have less mobility or agility.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your products?

A: We offer two product-lines:

– AxiO Home Edition
This product was originally designed for people hampered by physical disabilities, as well as for seniors, a growing population who should not be risking a household accident just to reach for something on a shelf. AxiO allow any shelf in a closet to be accessible to anyone, regardless of size or whether the person is standing or sitting.

– AxiO Professional Edition
In a retail store, the higher the visibility of an item, the higher its demand, and since the visibility of an item increases with the number of fronts assigned to it, quick repositioning of segments of each shelf can be effective in tailoring the presentation of products to a changing customer profile throughout the day or in specific periods or events. In addition, for customers with disabilities that limit their mobility, navigating retail environments can be a challenge. By implementing scrolling shelving units and remove barriers for your disabled customers, retailers can improve customer loyalty, increase profits and therefore build a positive reputation.

Q: Who would be your ideal customer?

A: For AxiO Professional Edition the ideal customers are the retail chains, as AxiO provides retailers with the ability to change the configuration of each of their shelving units in all their stores at any time, anywhere, without human intervention. The customer can operate the shelves with a button if he is looking for a specific product, but when the customer has finished the shelf returns to its “Home” position, which is set by the store manager or the group’s merchandising services via the cloud-based application.

AxiO offers retailers the ability to increase in-store assortment, as it makes it possible to use very high shelving units without changing the accessibility of products. In addition, AxiO provides realtime information on the fill status of each shelf, allowing for better inventory and replenishment optimization. For AxiO Home Edition there are truly many customers because AxiO offers an unprecedented way to use storage cabinets. The ability to scroll through a cabinet’s shelves with a simple button or smartphone app can be of interest to people with disabilities, seniors who want to avoid unnecessary effort or risk, or people who want to complement their walk-in closet with high-tech connected furniture.

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Q: What is next on the roadmap for AxiO Storage?

A: We are currently finishing the industrialization phase of the product, which means that we have to identify the best manufacturing processes, the best materials, the best suppliers, in order to guarantee the best price and the best quality that our customers can expect from us. At the same time we are recruiting partners worldwide, as AxiO is marketed as an insert for kitchen cabinet manufacturers, suppliers of professional or home storage furniture, architects or interior designers to integrate AxiO into their creations to bring them to life.