An Interview With Puffy’s CEO, Arthur Andreasyan, On Global Growth And Product Expansion

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Puffy’s irresistible comfort now extends beyond the United States. Arthur Andreasyan, CEO of Puffy, recently announced the launch of Puffy Canada and Puffy United Kingdom, as well as the debut of a range of new bedroom products designed to redefine the sleep experience.

Since the launch of the original Puffy memory foam mattress, two other bed mattress models have been released, the Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal. Thousands of mattress reviews later, Puffy is extending Cloud Comfort to the entire bedroom.

Puffy’s range of bedroom accessories includes everything from the famous cloud mattress to memory foam pillows, a cooling comforter, cozy weighted blankets, nightstands, stylish adjustable bed frames, and more. The company is serving up comfort to every member of the family, pups included. Earlier this year, Puffy released a memory foam mattress for dogs!

With a solid following of customers in the United States, naturally, the next move for Puffy was to launch in Canada. Very recently, Puffy also went live in the United Kingdom.

Leading the team with a strong vision and a passion for comfort, Arthur Andreasyan shares his thoughts on global expansion and how the team has innovated such a diverse range of products that redefine the sleep experience.

Puffy’s Global Growth

Puffy is ranked as one of the best-rated mattresses. In an industry with fierce competition, Arthur discusses how Puffy’s Cloud Comfort has attracted so much appeal.

“What sets our mattresses apart is how it feels. Sleeping on a Puffy feels like sleeping on a cloud. We had always envisioned creating this signature feeling; now, it’s something that we are known for.”

The original Puffy Mattress and the Puffy Lux are now available in Canada and the United Kingdom. Puffy’s CEO explains the process and positioning behind the launch.

“It was always on the cards to extend the reach of our products to new regions, but we wanted to ensure we offer the same attention to detail in Canada and the United Kingdom as we do in the United States. The details include ensuring the mattresses are made in the same region we sell them. Buying locally-made is important to our customers. We are excited that we have a mattress made in the USA, as well as made in Canada, and made in the UK labeling,” said Arthur.

“We’re also extending the same level of service to these new markets, including free shipping, mattress financing, lifetime warranty on mattresses and all other products, and our 101 Night Sleep Trial for sleepers who like to put products to the test,” he continued.

Product Expansion

Expanding a product range is no small task. The level of detail and depth of the product in Puffy’s range of mattresses, bed frames, bedding, and bedroom furniture is impressive. Arthur explains the product ideation process at Puffy.

“Our brand has a modern contemporary aesthetic, while not compromising on comfort. Every product in our range is designed with adaptable tones, for a clean look and efficient upkeep. As we release products, we like to ensure it is relevant and not limiting for our customers. For example, our mattresses can fit on any bed frame. And our bed frames can hold any type of mattress – it does not need to be a memory foam mattress.

Our comforters and sheets all have cooling properties, which is a common theme for Puffy products. I believe product ranges should be developed with synergy in mind – they need to provide comfort when used together, as well as individually,” said Arthur.