Adeptia Connect Enables Enterprises To Give Power To Their Operational Users For Exchanging Data

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Below is our recent interview with Deepak Singh, CTO & President of Adeptia:

Deepak Singh

Q: What is the story behind Adeptia? How did you start?

A: Adeptia was founded with the aim of simplifying data integration for organizations. We started in 2000 with the vision of a unified integration technology that enabled our clients to accelerate their revenue and be more agile by integrating data exchanges with their customers faster. Presently, Adeptia has over 600 customers including mid-sized businesses to large Fortune 500 organizations.

Our latest product, Adeptia Connect, takes that vision ahead with a self-service B2B data integration approach that enables enterprises to give power to their operational users for exchanging data. By shifting this operational load to citizen integrators, our clients become easy to do business with, thereby delighting their customers and expanding their market share.

We have been recognized by Gartner and Forrester over the years as a leading vendor in the enterprise-class integration software market.

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Q: What is Adeptia Connect? How does it work?

A: Adeptia Connect is a business application that takes a self-service approach to simplify data exchange with customers and partners. Adeptia Connect helps our clients empower business and operations users for onboarding their customer data faster, thus making them more responsive and improving the customer experience.

An emerging big trend in enterprise technology space is for companies to empower self-service for business users and break the shackles of legacy technology so they can be agile and flexible to respond quickly to market trends. Many companies, large and small, have initiated Digital Transformation initiatives to take advantage of this major trend and Adeptia Connect enables this change to new processes, technologies and capabilities within our clients.

Adeptia Connect user interface enables business users to make B2B data transactions easily, quickly and securely. Business users don’t need to rely on developers for creating connections, freeing up IT staff to focus on more strategic tasks.

Adeptia Connect has two main parts – the solid, enterprise-class integration backbone that is capable of any-to-any integration with a wide variety of data types, formats, and sizes; and the front-facing intuitive interface that enables even operational users to build heavy duty connections with other businesses without writing any code.

The application is packed with powerful yet easy-to-use innovations for data transformation, data onboarding, and processing very large, 10s of GB sized data volumes at one time.

Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: Adeptia Connect works with 3 primary goals in mind, delivered via 3 core product features. Collectively, these 3 features ensure that our clients are able to exchange business-to-business data in all formats and sizes with their partners and customers through a self-service approach.

Self Service Integration – Through a simple, intuitive interface, Adeptia Connect lets business users build connections with external companies for exchanging business data. Business Users don’t need to wait for IT, as they can use prebuilt connection templates for building connections and transferring data. This provides lot of agility and flexibility for companies – making our clients easier to do business with, thus delighting their customers and accelerating their time to revenue.

Central IT Governance – Through a self-service approach, IT is freed up to handle more productive tasks and operate in a governance role. Adeptia Connect’s central governance platform lets the IT team keep an eye on transactions in the business from a security and compliance point of view. In turn, operational costs are reduced by 65% and profit margins are improved by 22%, giving a competitive edge to our customers.

Any-to-Any Data Integration – Adeptia Connect’s enterprise class integration platform enables our customers to carry out all sorts of data transactions with their clients. Adeptia supports data protocols like FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, Email, SOAP, REST Web Services etc. for data exchange. The strong backbone has a large file data ingestion capability that enables our customers to process huge multi-GB files without adopting a hardware appliance. The strong data transformation capacity of our solution enables data mapping and conversion into multiple formats.

Q: What are the benefits of using such platform?

A: Adeptia Connect is not just an integration platform, it is a complete self-service B2B data integration strategy that is equipped to play a central role in data exchange between enterprises. With a self-service approach, our solution makes our customers easy to do business with by moving operational load to business users, thereby granting them a competitive edge.

Our faster data onboarding capability is useful for our clients in delighting their customers by reducing time to service delivery and accelerating time to revenue. As a result, our clients see 65% reduction in operational costs and 22% improvement in profit margins.

By accelerating revenue by 5x (10 weeks down to 2 weeks) and reducing operational costs – via better exception handling, less errors and less waiting – our platform enables our customers to go after new markets faster and grab a bigger market share.

Q: Can you provide some real-world use-cases of your platform?

A: Adeptia Connect is a strong fit for companies which have a critical dependence on B2B data exchange with their partners and customers. We have helped clients in various industries by transforming their business data exchange and making them easier to do business with.

For instance, A US Department of Health and Human Services backed medical research agency needs to collect critical medical data from different parts of the country. The agency needs to interact with multiple partners, including medical centers, insurance providers, health clinics etc for getting medical records. Usually, these medical records come via different channels in different formats. Adeptia Connect sits at the center of this interaction, receives this data from multiple partners, ingests, transforms, and streams it into the research agency’s data warehouse, and then processes that data for intelligence, research, and business decisions.

Similarly, one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical distributors, an Adeptia client, wanted to streamline the interaction between their suppliers and customers without losing their high-level governing role and improve how their customers rated them on Net Promoter Scores (NPS). They wanted suppliers to be able to showcase their products to customers, but wanted to be able to know and process orders resulting from this interaction. They placed Adeptia Connect at the center of this interaction, thus enabling buyers to simply point and click to place an order while sellers displayed and sold their inventory. The procurement systems at the distributor end recorded all this information centrally and shared it ahead with suppliers for fulfillment of placed orders.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: There is an increased focus on “more power to business users.” We are looking forward to introducing new innovations related to “significant level of self-service” that will help our clients improve customer experience and help them get a bigger market share. The next 12 months will see the release of new capabilities that can turn the fear of disruption into a competitive advantage and help our clients delight their customers.