ACD Helps Streamline And Make The Auto Claims Process Faster And More Efficient

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ACD is a technology and services company that helps auto insurers manage the claims process. The company provides a virtual claims solution that enables an insurer to quickly move the claim between mobile self-service, their nationwide on-demand field appraiser network or a collision repair shop based on customer preference. Anyone that has been in an accident knows that having their vehicle out of commission is a huge headache and their mission is to eliminate days and stress from the process.

Below is our interview with Ernie Bray, CEO of ACD:

Q: You’ve recently launched an AI & Machine Learning division dubbed ACD Labs. Can you tell us something about your plans?

A: Yes. We will be rolling out various tools to augment the appraisal quality control process, verify and identify damage, total loss, FNOL tools and more. This will even include chatbots and other customer-focused solutions. ACD Labs is really about imagining and developing everything we can to eliminate needless touch points and condense cycle times.

Q: How exactly does AutoLink® work?

A: AutoLink® is our core virtual claims platform that manages the entire process. It allows the adjuster to manage the estimating triage between the options of photo estimating (mobile self-service), a field appraiser or a collision repair shop. Our platform dispatches files, tracks the progress of the claim in real time, keeps everyone informed and manages data and reporting. AutoLink® allows the insurance company to have detailed visibility and transparency of the entire process.

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Q: Who are your clients and what is your target market?

A: Our clients are typically auto insurance carriers. We currently work with 5 of the top 10 national carriers and have over 65 core clients. We’re really focused on the Property & Casualty market.

Q: Would your solutions work in other countries?

A: Definitely. Our AutoLink® platform can help auto insurers globally and with our focus on computer vision and AI, I believe it’s possible you might see some expansion into some select markets.

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Q: What are your plans for ACD and what do you see for the future?

A: Well as you can imagine, we’ve had a lot of interest in what we are doing here at ACD. I’m a big believer that technology, computer vision and AI will make tremendous headway in our sector but at the same time there still needs to be a human element. The industry talks about the dream of a touchless claims process but in my opinion the human element will always need to be there.

A claim is a stressful, personal experience and people often want to talk to people not a computer. Technology will augment and assist adjusters but not replace them.

Our future plans center around the further enhancement of our AutoLink® platform by leveraging AI/Machine Learning, computer vision and Chatbots. We have a longstanding reputation for building solutions that meet and exceed our unique client expectations and our mission is to continue delivering that to them well into the future.