How Serves Small Business Websites and Insures Their Lead Collection Process

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43Leads is a completely managed solution that provides hosting of website contact forms and lead capture pages. Below is our recent interview with Matt Smith from 43Leads:

Q: Matt, what is 43Leads? How does it work?

A: Our service is very different from the large, better-known web form builder tools. In fact, 43Leads isn’t a web form builder tool at all—we create, host, and manage your form for you, all for one all-inclusive price. 43Leads users never touch code, never manage account settings, never install a plugin, never lift a finger.

Typically, when visitors to a website decide they’re interested in a company’s products or services, they fill out the website’s contact form and submit their information. That’s a lead. From there it’s the responsibility of the website, which often includes plugins, to get that lead to the business via an email. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen the way it’s supposed to.

With 43Leads, we host your web form on our service, but it’s presented on your website seamlessly to the user. We take the responsibility for securing the form, collecting your leads, storing them, and making sure they get forwarded to you.

Every contact that comes through your website’s contact form is delivered to your inbox as an email that you can then follow up on right away. But right before the message is sent we first do a real-time backup to the database, so if there’s ever an issue with email, the leads won’t be lost.

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Q: How did the idea for the service come about, and when did you launch?

A: The origin of, both the name and the service itself, came from a specific event in 2015. One of our clients, a commercial landscape architect with a small, but growing business suddenly stopped receiving leads from his website. But unfortunately, he was busy and didn’t realize it had happened. It wasn’t until an angry client called to ask why, after multiple times submitting his information, the company hadn’t responded. After some investigation, we found that their IP address had been blacklisted. Another website on their shared server was sending out spam, which resulted in all of the IPs on that server being reported. We were successful in getting the landscape architect’s domain removed from the blacklists, but only two days later, their IP was blacklisted again, causing them to miss more customer emails. We were able to recover only a few of the estimated 43 emails (leads) that had come in during the downtime. After being unable to find a professional solution to solve our client’s problem, we decided to build 43Leads.

We launched 43Leads in July 2015 after months of development. At the time, the service was only open to our existing network of small business clients. We made multiple technology improvements to our platform and added features (analytics, spam prevention, etc.), and in September 2016, we launched the service to the public. Although the service is open to the public, we remain selective about the companies we bring on to the platform.

Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

A: 43Leads is part of the Modmacro network. We cater to small businesses and nonprofits who want to grow their organizations. At Modmacro our approach is best suited to small businesses and nonprofits who provide a service or service/product mix. Our mission is help those organizations expand their brand and reach.

43Leads was built specifically for the traffic profile and form submission types that are most common to small businesses. Our solution is a great fit for small organizations that want to ensure their lead capture process, but don’t have the resources or desire to operate a dedicated server, or take on the maintenance that comes with it.

Q: What can we expect from 43Leads in next twelve months?

A: Over the next year we’ll continue to open the platform up to new users. We will remain selective about the small businesses and nonprofits who join the system, but we are excited to expand our user base and help small organizations solve this big problem.

We will also continue to improve and advance the technology. We’re starting to roll out analytics features, where we collect basic information about user activity on each website that can aid small business owners. We’re specifically focusing on how users make their way to the contact form, and what devices they’re using.

These simple analytics allow our clients to gain insights, and optimize their websites accordingly. But unlike traditional analytics like Google Analytics or Kissmetrics (both of which are amazing products), 43Leads analytics are packaged with each lead. So, when the lead arrives in our client’s inbox, it also includes these basic analytics. This allows small business owners to easily associate the types of leads they get with these critical metrics. And, like all data we process, we store these metrics for historic recall.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using 43Leads?

A: To be honest, it doesn’t take much convincing at all. Most of our clients have had horrible experiences with their lead capture process, so they already know there’s tons of room for improvement. Whether they’ve had email issues, they’ve been blacklisted, or they’ve had a WordPress plugin update break something, they know they need a solution to ensure that they don’t miss valuable leads when they come in. Most of our user base was pleased to find 43Leads and be rid of their troubles. Some of the features we offer include:
• Spam protection
• Industry standard security
• Reliable messaging
• Real-time backups
• Avoidance of email blacklisting

But our clients most appreciate the fact that they never have to do anything. If they have a question or want to make a change, they simply let us know. They don’t have to login or investigate anything themselves. They never have to update a plugin or do any coding. It’s truly a hassle-free experience for our clients.

Everybody agrees that online forms maximize lead capture because they are the quickest and most convenient way for new customers to make contact, without investing a substantial amount of time or sharing too much personal information. With business owners will be ready to capture that information anytime, anywhere.