Zucchetti Centro Sistemi Delivers Innovative Solutions To Global Market

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Zucchetti Centro Sistemi SpA is subdivided into five business units (software, automaton, healthcare, robotics, and innovative solutions). The company produces and distributes innovative high-technology robots, since 2000, built by combining know-how and professional skills in mechatronics. Below is our recent interview with the Ilaria Nesti, VP Strategic Products at Zucchetti Centro Sistemi:

Ilaria Nesti

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Zucchetti Centro Sistemi?

A: Zucchetti Centro Sistemi SpA (ZCS) was founded in 1985, the result of a business initiative of Fabrizio Bernini, now a shareholder of the Company and its Chairman. Mr. Bernini’s marked ability to anticipate the signals of changing market needs allowed ZCS to evolve over the years from a small family-run company specializing in software, into a multi-division business entity extending into international activities. In 2000, the company became part of the Zucchetti SpA holding company, the first Italian software company.

ZCS, based in the heart of Tuscany, Italy, is subdivided into five business units (software, automaton, healthcare, robotics, and innovative solutions), which grew out of the need to diversify and extend the know-how accumulated in the design of management software to different and complementary domains with the objective of guaranteeing service excellence in three sectors: information technology, electronics, and mechanical systems.

Q: What kind of robots are you developing?

A: ZCS Designs, produces and distributes innovative high-technology robots, since 2000, built by combining know-how and professional skills in mechatronics. Its flagship product is the automatic lawn mower Ambrogio, with models that meet all lawn requirements and difficulties. The mulching function allows sustaining a healthy and lush lawn that requires less fertilizer. Ambrogio is the ideal robotic lawn mower for those looking for professionalism, technological innovation and excellence, combined with respect for the environment.

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Q: Say more about your robotic lawn mower.

A: The high technology and high quality of the materials used for Ambrogio allow you to choose when and how to activate the robot during the day, so that the garden is free from the robot whenever necessary. The introduction of the brand-new ZCS smart technologies allow you to connect securely to your Ambrogio robot. In the digital era, the robotic lawn mower speaks the language of the future by making life simpler: Ambrogio robot gives you the time and freedom to enjoy your garden and outdoor life to the fullest, even away from home.

Currently, three Ambrogio lines are offered: the GREEN line, simple and intuitive; the PRO line, technologically advanced for professional use; and, the NEXT line: innovative, hyper-connected, modular, and future-proof.

Q: The robot pool cleaner market is quite crowded. What makes your robot pool cleaner unique?

A: Our robot pool cleaner NEMH2O is a revolutionary smart product. It is free to move without hindrance or limitations thanks to its “wireless” technology. It recharges itself autonomously in water through induction without the need for any external intervention; (once installed) it can remain in the water all year round thanks to the possibility to use it without its on-board filter (taking advantage of the action of the large filters installed in the pool). NEMH2O, like no other pool cleaning device before, cleans your pool all year-round – both the pool floor and its walls. NEMH2O adapts to any surface, both horizontal and vertical, and it is effective for all types of bottom surfaces as well as zero-depth pools that ramp down from the ground-level. It is suitable for both small and large pools, with smooth or rough surfaces without any problems, even in the presence of corners, bends and steps.

Q: What about your home automation system, how does it work?

A: Our home automation system is called ZCSwitch. Sophisticated software enables control of any type of household utility via an app, without the need to rewire your home. Functions such as turning on/off the lights, opening doors and windows, heating, air conditioning and any other type of automated system and utility. All of it can be done directly and conveniently from your Smartphone/Tablet together with a number of ZCSwitches, that supplement or replace a button or a manual switch that is already present. Each ZCSwitch communicates to your Smartphone/Tablet via the WiFi network in your home. If you don’t have a WiFi network yet, it is very easy to install. Once the ZCSwitches are installed and the app is able to control them, you use the app to monitor status and set controls, such as on, off, temperature, etc. One of the best aspects of ZCSwitch is you can control lights and appliances while away from your home, because ZCSwitch accepts commands sent remotely over the cellular network from anywhere in the world. ZCSwitch also uses GPS to control opening and closing of switches considering proximity.

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Q: Who are the primary users of Zucchetti Centro Sistemi and what are some of the key challenges you are helping them solve?

A: Zucchetti Centro Sistemi is primarily a technology company that produces products for a wide-range of customer-types. The primary customers of Zucchetti Centro Sistemi fall into three main groups: Consumers, Business and Healthcare. Consumers use our robotics and home automation products. Businesses use our software, robotics, workflow management automation products. The Healthcare industry uses our healthcare solutions as well as our workflow management automation products.

Q: Where can our readers buy your robots?

A: Our robots are available in many countries throughout the world. Recently, we formed a business relationship with Paradise Robotics in the USA. They have a strong sales network of dealers who are experts in our robotic products. Paradise Robotics is actively recruiting new dealers across the USA.

Q: Do you have any new ideas or projects currently developing in your laboratory?

A: Our latest robot is Ambrogio 4.0, the first garden robot of the new digital era that revolutionizes gardening robotics. Equipped with a new technology platform, futuristic design and evolved articulated structure, Ambrogio 4.0 enables grass-cutting management in a better way. Ambrogio 4.0 adapts to different shapes and sizes of green areas, including disconnected grassy spaces. Every user can customize their Ambrogio 4.0 by selecting one of the three kits designed to meet the most varied needs. All of the Power Units come with smart batteries: Lithium-ion batteries equipped with Bluetooth technology, to exchange information with the motherboard, optimize charging and power consumption and to monitor the state of health of the battery. The choice of Power Units involves an upgrade of the actual machine: the battery power and charging speed allow managing gardens of different sizes in a more efficient way, with longer working times and shorter charging times, if associated with the Ambrogio 4.0 models. The newest Ambrogio models will be more user-friendly and interactive for easier management of your lawn in a completely autonomous manner.