XSENSOR’s Platform Reveals Hidden Data Across Human Performance, Continuous Skin Monitoring, Sleep Improvement And Product Design & Safety Testing Applications

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Below is our recent interview with Ian Main, Founder & CEO at XSENSOR Technology Corporation:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to XSENSOR Technology Corporation?

A: XSENSOR is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and has been in business since 1996. We enable product designers, clinicians, sports industry professionals and consumers to achieve the highest levels of comfort, safety and performance.

We are the world’s leading source for Intelligent Dynamic Sensing, a platform to reveal concealed surface and dynamic data used to make better clinical and engineering decisions. , gives . Intelligent Dynamic Sensing provides actionable insights, continuously and in real-time for human performance, continuous skin monitoring, sleep improvement and product design and safety testing applications.

With depth of experience, XSENSOR sets the standard for accurate sensors and image quality in software to visualize and analyze pressure data. We started out by developing sensors used to measure pressure on cushions designed to keep wheelchair users safe. Since then we have listened to industry leaders and developed the systems they rely upon to improve the comfort, safety, quality and performance of their products. Today, we continue to innovate and partner with customers to explore what is possible with pressure sensors.

From continuously monitoring clinical surfaces to preventing tissue damage, to finding a mattress with the right comfort and support, to precision measurement of tire tread designs and ultra-fast sensors for capturing airbag pressures, or capturing plantar foot pressure, XSENSOR delivers accurate pressure data that can be trusted in decision making. Our customers and users include vehicle interior and tire designers, safety engineers, nurses and therapists, as well as mattress manufacturers and retailers around the world.

Our customers universally rely on XSENSOR for accurate, reliable sensors, superior software tools and outstanding product support. Our complete product solutions are designed specifically to meet the needs our end users.

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Q: Tell us about the early days of XSENSOR. What were the biggest challenges?

A: What’s the measurement standard for a new test and measurement technology to ensure accuracy, reliability and quality of data? It starts with vision, determination and a commitment to engineering excellence.

At the outset, we set a high standard for accuracy, reliability and engineering excellence. This required extensive testing. There was considerable investment in R&D to refine our products until we were satisfied that they were to our standards of excellence and ready for the market. We wanted to instill that confidence in our customers that they could rely on the data from XSENSOR products. Not willing to compromise on this, at times we extended our product development cycles to meet the standards our customers require. It’s the converse of “garbage in, garbage out”, with XSENSOR products we deliver “excellence in, excellence out” with proven, reliable, accurate data. There’s 25 years’ experience and expertise in knowing how to attain that level of excellence. That came with unfaltering focus and commitment to excellence.

We are extremely proud of the tenacity and determination of our R&D team to stick with it in the early years to prove the technology and consistently deliver engineering excellence for our customers. That took incredible unwavering time, resources, focus and dedication to our mission and values.

We pride ourselves on the accuracy, timeliness and quality of data; particularly in some of the critical applications for pressure measurement. Ensuring high reliability with customer satisfaction based on proven performance has been at the forefront of our efforts and values. With rigorous testing and alignment with our customers’ needs, we refined the product with a view to constant improvement.

XSENSOR products have been built upon a foundation of excellence in engineering and delivering products that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We understand the data and listen to our customers as the source of inspiration for new products that push the edge of technology. Our R&D team evaluates new technologies for adoption and incorporation into our product line-up: but always with the guideline of superior accuracy, timeliness and quality of data for our customers.

Q: You’ve recently introduced a new platform to reveal surface performance and dynamic data; could you tell us something more?

A: Intelligent Dynamic Sensing enables precision measurements, highest quality visualizations, rich data and AI-powered analysis — resulting in optimized product performance, comfort and safety.

Measuring the performance of surfaces is hard. And combining it with related sensor data — like motion or image data — is even harder. Intelligent dynamic sensing reveals hidden performance data across static and dynamic surfaces. The potential for this technology evolves to create smart data with data visualization, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. That vision for the future is in development now.

Q: Can you give us insights into your solutions?

A: Intelligent Dynamic Sensing can be applied to continuous skin monitoring, human performance measurements, sleep improvement and product design & safety testing.

Take Continuous Skin Monitoring for example: Intelligent Dynamic Sensing provides actionable information to help clinicians improve patient safety.

With the application of Intelligent Dynamic Sensing to Continuous Skin Monitoring, the one major organ that is not currently monitored in clinical settings, we can improve patient safety by continuous monitoring of skin pressure exposure. Intelligent Dynamic Sensing can help medical professionals individualize care using visual risk information and confirmation of safe offloading. Couple that with AI-powered algorithms to inform the medical staff of advanced prevention strategies to maintain healthy skin for at risk patients.

Apply this technology to a solution for the 2.5 million patients in the USA alone that develop pressure injuries , resulting in 60,000 deaths related to Hospital Acquired Pressure Injury/Ulcers (HAPI/Us) every year on average in the USA, and the potential is a much better outcome for patients who can avoid this injury all together.

In the HAPI/U scenario alone, with improved data flow to the medical professional Intelligent Dynamic Sensing will:

· Improve patient monitoring on surgical tables and in patient beds;
· Identify persistent pressure to the precise body locations;
· Predict where pressure injuries will occur on a patient’s body with a time period prediction; and
· Enhance the “excellence in” element required for proactive AL/ML remedial measures to prevent injuries from occurring.

Across numerous healthcare scenarios, Intelligent Dynamic Sensing with data visualization to make big data clear and actionable will provide easy to understand information to help clinicians take action. We’re on the cusp of transforming some critical aspects of patient monitoring and proactive measures to improve comfort, and safety and also enhance patient outcomes by avoiding harm.

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Q: What are some of the main objectives for XSENSOR Technology in 2020 and how do you plan to achieve them?

A: As the leader in Intelligent Dynamic Sensing we will extend that capability and vision, based on depth of experience, to push our ability to deliver new products that reveal even greater levels of information and actionable smart data for our customers.

We are committed to sustaining our engineering excellence and a total quality experience for our customers. XSENSOR has established the highest reputation as the industry leader for quality, reliability and accuracy in pressure test and measurement devices across several industries: automotive component design and testing, healthcare, foot &gait , and sleep improvement for example. That’s our foundation and a reflection of our founding mission and values.

Our leadership team provides incredible vision and direction for our R&D and product teams. We’re expanding our capabilities and resources to deliver on the product vision and developing business partnerships to further extend our business and operational capabilities. Our R&D team is relentless in the satisfaction of their curiosity and determination to find new and measurably improved solutions for our customers.

In 2020 and beyond, watch XSENSOR for product developments that extend the capabilities of Intelligent Dynamic Sensing with smart (and then even smarter) sensors, turning big data into smart data, predictive analytics, ever-improving imaging, dashboard reporting, visualization of smart data to enhance actionability , artificial intelligence and the associated machine learning aspects of AI.

Watch XSENSOR for new product announcements this year and beyond. We will push the adoption of new technologies that improve the capabilities and outcomes for our customers and downstream, their customers too.

We believe the evolution of Intelligent Dynamic Sensing is happening now.