Xpertdoc Helps Companies Improve Client Retention And Growth By Streamlining Document Creation And Management Processes

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Xpertdoc, a Microsoft Gold Partner and a global leader in document automation and customer communication management solutions (CCM) helps companies improve client retention and growth by streamlining document creation and management processes. In addition to its CCM platform and award-winning document migration technology, Xpertdoc provides value to organizations with its proprietary web-based Smart Forms that enable the dynamic capture of customer data for a better customer experience.

Below is our intervew with Pamela Velentzas, Director of Marketing at Xpertdoc:

Pamela Velentzas

Q: You’ve recently announced adding 6 new insurance companies to your customer roster; could you tell us something more?

A: Xpertdoc has experienced unprecedented growth (54% YoY) over the last few years. The rapid expansion of our client base is due to the increased demand for a better, faster way of creating, managing and delivering engaging customer-facing documents.

Not only do we help our clients streamline their customer communications and document management processes with unparalleled time-to-market acceleration, but we act as a trusted advisor to these organizations as well.

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Q: Why is having powerful customer communications important?

A: 2 words – Customer Experience (CX). A Forrester report found that the clearer and easier the customer communications were to understand and read, the better the CX.

Communications that are highly personalized, contextual and combine simple language and user-centered design principles will not only positively impact customer experience – and the bottom line but will reduce call center volumes and customer turnover.

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Q: What is smart form technology?

A: Many organizations struggle with obtaining, managing, and leveraging customer data and more than 82% still use manual paper-based processes for customer data capture which are often confusing, repetitive, error-prone and ask for duplicate information.

Xpertdoc Smart Forms are responsive, web-based or embedded data capture forms that enable customers to easily enter and submit their information electronically. Data is then fed directly into an organization’s core system (CRM, ERP) capturing the customers’ communication preferences.

With our Smart Form technology, organizations can satisfy their customer’s need for self-service, eliminate data entry errors, educate and explain complex options or product offerings and upsell/cross-sell products reducing labor and costs but improving customer service and sales.