What You Should Know About Proxies

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If you have been working in a computer-related field, the word “proxy” should be something that you have encountered. The term is becoming more prominent, given how much emphasis is being put on online privacy.

There are a lot of ways to secure personal information when browsing the internet, such as virtual private networks, browser extensions, and proxies.

Proxies are an extra layer of security and can help you with a lot of issues that you may encounter. There are even dedicated proxies to purchasing exclusive sneakers if you are into that. There is a great Proxyway article about the best sneaker proxies on their website.

So overall, proxies can come in pretty handy. But what about those who are not familiar with the subject? If you are looking to upgrade your browsing privacy, proxies could be just the thing. And this article will be a great reference, so make sure to continue reading.

The Definition

In layman’s terms, a proxy server can be defined as a bridge that connects the user and the website he or she is trying to access. Except that you are provided an IP address by the proxy and make it as if it is someone else trying to access the page.

If there is someone on the network who is trying to trace back your location or get hold of your other information, doing so will be rather difficult thanks to the shield provided by the proxy services.

No Proxy

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No proxy means that the access to a network is not protected. You have a direct connection that does not come with encryption or any other security layers. Sure, if you are using the internet for trivial matters, a proxy might not be necessary. On the other hand, if there is a concern about privacy, then why not give yourself more insurance with a proxy?

Accessing Restricted Content

If you live in a country that blocked access to certain types of websites, or your ISP has done something similar, you can access this content by using a proxy server. Of course, there are instances when you are restricted while in school or at work as well. Such situations call for a proxy.


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The biggest advantage of proxies is security. Like already mentioned, there are a lot of potential threats looming on the internet. Encrypted files, a hidden IP address, and other features depending on which services you wish could prove to be one of the best investments you have ever made.

Loading Speed Improvements

You may encounter a lot of problems trying to access blocked websites, but the same thing can be said about loading speed. Even if a website is available to you without using third-party help, it can still take too long for it to load.

Once again, proxies are a great method to manage the situation. You might not solve it completely, but having a separate IP address will make things a lot easier for you.

Proxies have caches that are used to store information about accessed pages. Imagine trying to access a website from the same IP address as hundreds, if not thousands of people. How much of a strain that puts on a network?

Meanwhile, if you have a separate IP address that nobody is using to access the said website, you will have a much easier time. In other words, proxies improve networks and save bandwidth.

There are some services that will offer you IP addresses that change every month. While the feature is not necessary in most cases, it can still come in handy if you are overusing proxies and even end up getting banned on some websites.

Restricting Access

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Proxies allow you access to blocked content. You can use them for the opposite thing – blocking certain websites.

For example, if you have kids who use the internet and do not want them to access certain pages, an internet proxy can offer this feature as well. Employees could also become more productive if you took away their access to social media and other distracting websites.

The Argument for Free Proxies

When looking for proxy providers, you will see that some services will offer you proxies for free. You may be wondering whether it is worth using those.

In this case, “no” should be the default answer. First of all, free proxy providers are not that great when it comes to security and other measures of ensuring the quality of their product. You would be taking a risk.

Moreover, there ought to be a lot of people who are already using the service. So unless you are very lucky, finding a good IP address that will not disconnect in the middle of your session can prove to be impossible.

Last Updated on July 12, 2020