WelcomeWare Provides An All-In-One Hardware And Software “Live-Streaming Receptionist” Platform

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Below is our recent interview with Jeremy Hurewitz, President at WelcomeWare:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to WelcomeWare?

A: WelcomeWare was launched to help physical therapy practices staff their front desks by enabling remote work for receptionists. Today, WelcomeWare has expanded to assist both in-patient and out-patient healthcare practices.

WelcomeWare provides an all-in-one hardware and software “live-streaming receptionist” platform. WelcomeWare’s solution allows receptionists to work from home or a centralized location and remotely complete all of their front desk responsibilities that they would normally perform in person. WelcomeWare empowers receptionists to serve multiple clinics at once and also gather metrics and insights on those front desk interactions. WelcomeWare’s platform allows healthcare practices to never leave a front desk empty, improve staffing flexibility at a reduced cost, and ensure high-quality patient interactions across all of their locations.

Q: Any highlights on your recent announcement?

A: Recently, WelcomeWare’s website underwent a significant redesign. It now provides more information on the types of kiosks, software features, and other services that it offers. The redesign also came with more insights on the benefits of remote receptionists via our client testimonials and our regularly updated blog, featuring articles on the various industries and aspects of front desk management and customer service in general.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your offering?

A: Nowadays, many businesses face the constant challenge of hiring and retaining staff for their front desk operations. It can take up to 3 months to find the right receptionist, whose tenure can be as short as 6 months. As a result, companies struggle to keep someone behind the front desk, resulting in a worse patient and customer experience.

WelcomeWare aims to solve this challenge by providing businesses the ability to enable their front desk operations to be done remotely. The intuitive web-based platform allows receptionists to operate multiple locations simultaneously, lowering the total number of receptionists that is needed. Our flexible kiosk offerings are designed to meet each location’s specific needs.

Overall, WelcomeWare helps eliminate HR headaches, increase retention, reduce costs, and maximize productivity.

Q: What can we expect from WelcomeWare in the next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: In the next 6 months, we plan to continue our expansion into the healthcare industry. We will be attending events around the country to enable prospective customers to tangibly experience a check-in on a kiosk. Our platform is continuing to evolve and expand to better empower receptionists, improve the patient experience, and enable managers to use tools to remotely manage their workforce.

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Q: What is the best thing about WelcomeWare that people might not know about?

A: Self-check-in kiosks have proliferated across airports, fast food restaurants, and other industries. However, there are many organizations, especially in healthcare, that require a live person-to-person interaction but don’t necessarily need their front desk staff physically present. We believe that there are many companies who will fundamentally re-invent their front desk experience, using our innovative new technology to not only improve internal operations but also present new work-from-home opportunities for receptionists.