Waylay IO – The First Low-Code Developer-Friendly Data Automation And Orchestration Platform

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Below is our recent interview with Veselin Pizurica, the Founder & CTO at Waylay IO:

Q: Can you tell us something more about your new product offering?

A: Waylay IO is a low-code development platform that reduces the complexity of the application development process. Its automation technology uses small snippets of code, reusable across different use cases, and orchestrated by the powerful rules engine. The automation platform offers necessary tools in one place and helps developers to experiment with data and create insightful new applications and business models quicker than ever before. Waylay IO holds the promise of coding at a fast rate, with minimal setup effort and guaranteeing quick deployment.

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Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Waylay?

A: Waylay is a leading enterprise IT-OT digital unification software company delivering low-code orchestration, automation and analytics software solutions. Waylay has a passion for supporting citizen developer communities and ensuring it puts all valuable data to work for developers, data scientists and domain experts. Most importantly, Waylay guarantees its customers a significant reduction in cost and time to market new digital transformation projects to eventually make their enterprises become one. We have restructured our company around three new business units: Waylay IO for developers and SMEs, Waylay Enterprise, and Waylay Digital Twin for Salesforce.

Q: Can you tell us something more about your new Waylay IO offering which is a low-code automation platform?

A: Waylay IO is built on top of open-source alternatives, without dependencies on any specific cloud provider. It allows easy integration of API-enabled services and provides excellent debugging and observability capabilities. The platform has built-in state-of-the-art security models similar to Auth0. In short, the Waylay IO platform is a premade automation stack where API gateways, multitenancy, lambdas, databases, and all other services are embedded and pre-installed. Coders only need to code – no hassle, fast, efficient, simple.

Waylay provides the Waylay Academy with training and demo material, use cases and templates to kickstart ideas. The support forum and engaged community create the perfect setting to interact with peers and Waylay experts.

Waylay IO offers a 200$ voucher at registration during the launch period to allow new users to test the platform and experiment with their data.

Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

A: The basic building blocks of our low-code platform are small snippets of code that can be re-used, just like lego bricks. Serverless is the perfect environment for this low-code lego brick approach and Waylay IO guarantees an extremely powerful rules engine to orchestrate these code snippets. Waylay is on the mission to ease the complexity of serverless and liberate developers from getting bogged down into actions that have nothing to do with the problems they ought to solve. The Waylay IO automation concept is so powerful that it is revolutionary. Our first user feedback is unanimously positive and it is impressive to see how fluent and quick developers get up and running and can be more experimental and creative with data without losing focus or valuable time.

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Q: Why would Waylay bring out its new product? What is your mission?

A: Waylay IO was designed for developers and specifically to address the problems they encounter in automation projects. It is Waylay’s mission is to solve these challenges:

· A low-code portal that simplifies development and deployment
· Easy integration of API enabled services
· AI/ML deployment without tears
· Excellent debugging and observability
· All necessary tools in one place
· From development to production in “no time”
· Built-in state of the art security models similar to Auth0
· Developers only pay for what they used

Q: What can we expect from Waylay in next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: We will continue to build our community and add features based on feedback from the developers. Our tagline is “Just get it done!” for a good reason.