WANRack Delivers Custom Built Private Fiber WANs For K-12 Schools Across The Nation

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WANRack specializes in custom-built Private Fiber Wide Area Networks (WANs) for K-12 schools across the nation. Their focus today is to be the premier Private Fiber WAN provider for the education space. In the future, they plan to expand into other communication verticals, such as Fiber To The Tower (FTTT) and enterprise service. Below is our recent interview with Rob Oyler CEO and Founder and George Townsend President and COO of WANRack:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to WANRack?

A: We offer a unique value proposition that does not compare to an incumbent’s oversubscribed network. Private Fiber WANs, Leased Lit Solutions and Managed Services are WANRack’s key products. When a school district or business chooses WANRack as their WAN provider, they receive a multitude of benefits that they would not receive on any competitor’s network. Listed below are a few advantages that WANRack believes sets them apart from other providers.

• Built rack-to-rack with absolutely no over-subscription anywhere in the network. All one to one. You get what you pay for.
• Private and Unique design with no other customers on the school districts or businesses fibers.
• Eligible schools receive E-Rate Funding and an opportunity to use special construction and/or state match funds.
• Layer 2 control with minimized points of failure.
• 3-hour response time to any outage, with spare equipment stored locally for all sites.

WANRack’s team has extensive knowledge of both E-Rate and Private Fiber WANs needed to execute the requirements of a district’s or enterprise request for WAN services. Our executive management team has more than 182 years of combined experience in the telecommunications industry with a defined history of successful completion of large and complex fiber-optic construction projects for school districts, wireless carriers and private enterprises. The executive management team has sold and installed over 174 fiber WANs since 2005. WANRack has been in 22 states.

WANRack is regulated by Public Service Commissions of each state in which they operate. They are also regulated by the Federal Communication Commission, with periodic reporting requirements and service standards. WANRack is a certified E-Rate service provider.

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Q: Can you tell us something more about your fiber WAN services?

A: Each of our projects begins with a thorough understanding of our customer’s needs and requirements. Typically, we start with an initial design of the market and the sites to be served. In conjunction with our customer, we seek to understand their current bandwidth requirements and the anticipated bandwidth growth projections. At this point in the project, we can develop a final design from the hub or hubs to the multiple schools or buildings to be connected. Once final design and funding is approved, it’s off to the races with engineering and permitting. Finally, once the permits have been secured the commencement of the construction phase begins. We utilize both overhead and underground fiber construction techniques.

Q: Your company is E-rate funded; what exactly does it mean?

A: WANRack has a Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) assigned by USAC to authorized service providers. It serves as the identifier when applying for USAC approved disbursements. Each opportunity has unique characteristics and funding discounts that vary by school. The E-Rate process is sophisticated and complicated, but this is where WANRack and our CEO, Rob Oyler shine. His decade-plus of E-Rate experiences and reputation for success in the industry is unmatched. Knowledge of successfully receiving the funding requires an in-depth understanding of the system and the special requirements involved in each step of the process. WANRack excels in this area for our customers!!

Q: What makes you “the last network you’ll ever need”?

A: A dedicated private fiber WAN built to your school or business defined needs allows for unlimited bandwidth growth of the network. Dedicated fibers, optical modules on hand to upgrade networks within 72 hours allows for this unique offering.

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Q: What’s next for WANRack? Do you have plans to grow, expand or diversify?

A: We will definitely grow organically with add-ons to existing networks, new market wins and expansion into other communication verticals as mentioned above. Grain Management is our majority partner and they are a $2.5B private equity firm with a focused approach on telecom assets and infrastructure. This access to capital will allow us to strategically be aggressive as we look to expand WANRack’s market presence.