The VuFresh Software Line Provides A Unique Range Of Functionality For Every Farm

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Vu360 Solutions is a cutting-edge software technology solutions provider. They provide technology solutions for some of the most complex supply chain challenges that industries face today. Their integrated technology enhances the supply chain for many markets including: agriculture, healthcare, warehouse management and pharmaceutical drugs. Their cloud-based IoT software technology provides a comprehensive solution for all SMB.

To learn more about Vu360 Solutions, see our recent interview below with Director of Marketing, Micalina Grove:

Q: You’ve recently announced VuFresh™, an agriculture software platform for today’s modern farmer; could you tell us something more?

A: The VuFresh software line provides a unique range of functionality for every farm, small to large. It gives unprecedented visibility, reporting, and simplicity to run farms efficiently and comply with standards and regulations and support your need for traceability. Our cloud-based platform tackles today’s most difficult supply chain challenges without breaking the bank. In fact, VuFresh has features and functionality that will move your operation into the future today! Our forward-looking middleware technology easily integrates with your existing systems and provides IoT functionality such as RFID, thermal imaging, and moisture monitoring.

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Q: What are the key features of your farm management software?

A: While every farm is unique, each farm may have various requirements for operation and our software solutions also vary depending on the farmers requirements. We offer three unique software solutions.

Our VuFresh Essentials package offers a flexible printing solution that can stand alone or integrate with any ERP system. VuFresh Essentials enables Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI), Walmart and Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) compliant label printing.

VuFresh Plus includes all the features of our Essentials package as well as Raw Material Management with the ability to view aging inventory, FIFO and inventory management control. VuFresh Plus also includes Finished Goods Inventory Management with the ability to view aging inventory and ship the freshest product according to date.

Our VuFresh 360 plan offers all the same features as our VuFresh Plus product along with comprehensive Batch and Customer Management modules. It comes with complete Order Processing and Shipping Management solutions that include Truckload Management the ability to edit pallets and bins and location management within the warehouse. The 360 package has advanced reporting with data analytics, with optional RFID support and Cold Chain Management solutions.

Q: Tell us something about your automated track & trace solution; how does it work?

A: Our Track and Trace solution enables truly innovative and AMAZING capabilities over a broad range of applications. We have taken pains to integrate many next generation technologies directly into our platform. These include IoT, especially the RFID system and our Thermal imaging product. We have a very flexible database which is the backbone of Track and Trace. As items are produced we assign unique ID’s to them and thus can track items as well as their attributes, such as temperature, location as they traverse the supply chain. When all is said and done we can produce a complete history of any item-where it came from, who produced it, where it’s been stored, who shipped it and where it ended up. We are using this capability now with a customer to track pharmaceuticals as they arrive at a warehouse, record and monitor their temperature continuously, track their delivery to a hospital and eventually to the patient.

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Q: What can we expect from Vu360 Solutions in the future?

A: Vu360 Solutions will continue to expand its healthcare offerings leveraging our technology platform to provide new and value-creating capabilities for our customers. You’ll see us introduce a completely new kind of RFID system as well and a new paradigm for Cold Chain monitoring using thermal cameras.