VIRUN Announces Omega 3 DHA And MCT Plus Protein Multi-Serving Liquid Smoothies Called O3 Smoothies

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Virun is the California based BioTech company that specializes in innovation and product development in the food, beverage and dietary supplement industry’s. Below is our interviw with Philip Bromley, Chief Executive Officer at Virun:

Q: What are your plans for first four months in 2018?

A: VIRUN will be releasing their own Omega 3 DHA and MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) plus Protein multi-serving liquid smoothies called O3 Smoothies this quarter. This new product line does not overlap its private label business. The motivation behind O3 Smoothies are in order to make their new flavor technologies available to consumers, retail and finished product private label as dietary supplements. Remember Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where there was gum that gave you the satiation of a three course dinner?

Well,that is what VIRUN has successfully developed. We combine 400mg DHA, 3000mg MCT and protein in these new, exciting “experiences.” MCT’s are Medium Chain Triglycerides derived from Coconuts that provide energy from fat to support a healthy, Ketogenic lifestyle. DHA Omega 3’s are a fatty acid that has been shown to support a healthy heart, support cognitive function and have joint health properties. With the Bulletproof Coffee craze, there is a need to deliver these healthy fats with actual, efficacious amounts of DHA and MCT, not just fairy-dust (sorry Tinker Bell).

We tested many supplement products that claimed to have MCT and/or DHA. The results were astonishing. In fact, we found an MCT Fat Water that had less than or equal to only 1gram of MCT! O3 Smoothies have 300% more MCT than this! We found some MCT products that had so little mg MCT that they don’t even break-out or list the amounts of MCT on their supplement facts section of their label. We found some MCT products only have C8 (caprylic acid), even though there are more studies showing that the combined, C8 and C10 is more effective then C8 alone. O3 Smoothies have 3000mg MCT as C8 and C10 (capric acid) plus 400mg DHA. The flavors are fun, exciting and make you want to take a boat ride down a chocolate river while singing songs of “Pure Imagination!” here are just a few examples of the O3 Smoothie flavors: Breakfast that combined DHA and MCT healthy fats into liquid emulsions that taste like Pancakes, grass fed butter flavor, maple syrup, hash browns and scrambled eggs.

We also created a version that includes bacon for those Ketogenic bacon people, you know you’re out there! We also have Root beer float and S’mores with the same healthy fats and still Ketogenic friendly. The S’mores, you get Graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate. It’s amazing that DHA omega 3’s and MCT’s from coconut can make you feel so satisfied, yet still supplement you with these super powerful, Cognitive, heart healthy and joint promoting ingredients.

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Q: What problems Virun’s Esolv® solves?

A: Esolv is a patented Vitamin E emulsifier and natural bicarbonate process that allows fats to be delivered in great tasting formats, such as O3 Smoothies. Virun utilizes technologies, such as Esolv or DPtechnology, that combine healthy ways to make-fats-great-again. What better way to deliver a fat then by means of Vitamin E! The problem Virun has addressed with Esolv is, DHA omega 3 tastes fishy, even if vegetarian Algal DHA. The reason fish taste fishy over time is because the DHA oxidizes and the byproduct produced end up being that negative smell and taste fish has. Algal DHA, derived from Algae, is no different. The DHA in fish comes from the Algae the fish eat. Esolv solves the rancidity issue. Esolv combined with Algarithm’s DHA derived from sustainable, natural algae makes the DHA taste like butter and maintain its flavor overtime.

Q: Virun creates finished, private-label products; could you tell us something more?

A: VIRUN specializes in emulsions that contain healthy fats. Healthy fats are becoming more and more in demand as for supplementation. This is due to these fats, MCT, DHA, CLA etc.. have heart-healthy, brain-healthy, joint-healthy claims. Even appetite satiety effects from CLA as well as energy from a fat that MCT can provide. Virun found that processing these fats naturally to assure they do not go rancid was a difficult task and there were no companies that offered the services Virun can provide. We process bulk fats that taste amazing and co-package these into finished liquid multi-serving bottles, beverages, shots, bars and food. We are the number source for private label liquid products (finished products) with your own label that contain fats.

Q: Can you give us more insights into Virun’s DPtechnology®?

A: DPtechnology is more than 20 patents that bind lactoferrin to other proteins, peptides and probiotics. Virun has developed Probiferrin™ from their DPtechnology platform. Probiferrin is lactoferrin bound to the proteins on the cell wall of the probiotic. Probiferrin’s technology increases the survival rate of probiotics in the gut and has been shown to kill bad bacteria. Virun has also applied DPtechnology to new peptides we’ve created. Peptides need to be injected for them to have optimum effect, such as with insulin etc.. DPtechnology can mimic injection allowing for oral supplementation, no injection. We can bind peptides, such as Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides, which can increase testosterone and IGF-1 levels. If you want to be ripped by summer time, this will do the job. We also successfully added DPtechnology to Calcitonin which as been shown to improve symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). CCK-8 and GLP-1 which triggers your body into a complete ketogenic machine, igniting metabolism, burning fat and carbs like a wood-in-a-campfire, to where there is nothing but lean muscle.

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Q: What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned since starting Virun?

A: The biggest lesson I learned since incorporating Virun over 15 years ago is too be patient, modest and be true to who I am/don’t change and be sure people, my family and our employees come first. Visit Virun and see the smiles on our employees faces, the appreciation for their lifestyle, career-choices and sense of accomplishment we all have. All in all, a good CEO and business co-founder should be a selfless person in order to succeed, it is about people, humanity and not about me.