Validu – The First Mobile Event Verification Tool Available That Can Validate & Document The Details Of Every Event, Anytime, Anywhere In The World

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Below is our recent interview with Matthew Kavanaugh, Global PR & Marketing at Validu:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to VALIDU?

A: Validu is Mobile Event Verification technology (MEV). Validu is the first ever Mobile Event Verification technology available that can verify every detail for every customer engagement! Accurate employee reporting and documentation has become a requirement not an option. However, conventional systems and solutions fall short of reaching that objective leaving organizations at high risk for financial loss, reputation damages, and substantial settlements. Validu MEV is the worlds first “pocket auditor” that verifies event date, time, location, and attendees in real-time. The proactive approach Validu conceived has the power to eliminate all fraudulent employee expense reporting and documentation. There’s nothing to buy, setup, ship, or train on. With Validu you simply download and GO!

Q: How exactly does it work?

A: Validu MEV is deployed through a mobile application with a web-based data dashboard to view activity and events in real-time. Our mobile application allows field representatives to setup and conduct events while individually “checking in” event attendees using 1 of 3 secure identification methods. Once the event is complete, the employee generates a report that receives a geo-stamp to provide a robust audit trail for accounting, finance, and compliance. All data demographics are captured and securely stored for future access and download on the Validu servers.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: ·Validu’s patent pending technology is the first mobile event verification (MEV) software for domestic and international event verification and documentation.

·Event attendees are authenticated via in-app unique identification systems.

·Validu works in real-time. This means each customer event will be documented within the framework of a living attendance and data monitoring application.

·Validated event report with a receipt image and event notes, in the form of a flattened PDF document, emailed directly to the employee and company administrator.

·There’s no hardware, no training required, and no long term commitments or contracts.

·Validu is available every hour of every day to verify ALL events for every employee around the world.

Q: Why is it important to monitor every event your employees conduct? Is auditing every customer engagement possible?

A: Monitoring and documenting customer engagements is critical to eliminate expense reporting fraud, waste, and abuse! Fraudulent reporting and documentation can also lead to incredible reputation damages and financial penalties as seen in the life science industry through sham speaker programs, fraudulent dinner events, and physician kickbacks. Conventional approaches to fraud mitigation have included retroactive reporting auditing, AI transaction scanning, and management review. All of these fraud deterrence measures are retroactive in nature and provide little to no risk aversion benefit when employees knows how to beat the system through fraudulent documentation and reporting. Validu has changed everything when it comes to expense resource utilization and event documentation. By providing the first proactive solution that audits customer engagements in real-time as the events occur, Validu can completely eliminate fraudulent and wasteful spending as well as enhance an organization’s audit trail to ensure every customer engagement is bonafide and fraud free! 100% audit and documentation of every event is made possible through a simple mobile application designed by representatives to monitor representatives! Representatives use our MEV solution to conduct an event, sign-in attendees, and document onsite with a GEO-stamped report. This report is generated through the mobile application itself and is designed to eliminate the employees opportunity to fraudulently report event information.

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Q: What can we expect from VALIDU in the future?

A: The future of Validu will be rooted in integrations with multichannel business improvement solutions. By collecting data in real-time, Validu can push immediate CRM updates, expense reconciliation solutions, and corporate finance resource updates without depending on unverified dirty data. Future developments are also underway to improve existing systems and user interfaces to increase efficiency and productivity. We will continue to redefine and disrupt existing business systems and models in hopes of providing more ethical business standards around the world!