Urgenci Group Helps Technology Executives Navigate Ongoing Business Problems Through Personalized RaaS Solutions

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Urgenci Group is a business + technology consulting firm that bridges the gap in professional services by offering personalized solutions for each one of its clients in the areas of application development, business systems & strategy, digital experience & mobile, project & delivery leadership, IT infrastructure, cloud, & ITSM, and BI, data & analytics.

Below is our interview with Tom Taft, Managing Partner at Urgenci Group:


Q: Why did you decide to start this unique model?

A: We knew the recruiting and consulting industry was changing. Clients were tired of the top-tier firms charging way too much and not fixing their problems, as well as the billion dollar staffing firms just pushing bodies.

Q: Who are your clients and what market are you targeting?

A: Our clients range from enterprise, mid-market, and emerging growth companies across many different industries, from retail, manufacturing, consumer products, healthcare, telecom, and technology.

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Q: How does the market benefit using your unique RaaS model vs. traditional recruiting models?

A: RaaS is very unique because it’s a brand new solution in an industry that hasn’t changed much in 30 years. It helps companies ramp up on hiring when they need to and ramp down when they don’t need to. Again it’s a personalized solution for each client taking into account their individual culture, personality, and goals. Traditional recruiting doesn’t accomplish anything other than pushing resumes.

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Q: What are your plans?

A: Our plans are to build a West Coast, multi-office firm that changes the way recruiting and consulting is transacted with a very unique way of helping all types of clients solve their business and technology challenges.