uGRIDD Helps Government Bodies, Transportation Agencies, And Civil Engineers Easily Show, Share, Host, And Find Their Data

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Below is our recent interview with Clint W. Sabin from uGRIDD:

Clint W. Sabin

Q: Clint, tell us something more about uGRIDD?

A: uGRIDD is a cloud-based land and infrastructure data management platform to help government bodies, transportation agencies, and civil engineers easily show, share, host, and find their data. For example, data can easily be collected on manholes, fire hydrants, street lights, sidewalks or any infrastructure asset can be available on a smart-phone in the field, can be easily shared with others by sending them an e-mail with a weblink, or downloaded into a geographic information system (GIS) system. While we are not a GIS company, we provide some similar features which can be helpful for customers or projects that are on a tight budget.

Q: You’ve recently announced new feature called uCOLLECT; could you tell us something more?

A: While data collection with a smart phone is not something new, our approach is. Because uCOLLECT is a cloud-based system, we can offer flexible applications. With a fixed-system, the customer has to adjust their project to the software. uCOLLECT is designed to meet the needs of each customer, not the other way around. As a result, uCOLLECT is a simple, easy, and affordable way to collect data with a smart phone that isn’t offered by other companies.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: To begin with, each application is customized to collect only the data that the customer is looking for, and uCOLLECT is so intuitive that anyone can use it without any special software training, including interns, community stakeholders, or even the general public. Secondly, uCOLLECT uses the device’s Internet browser, which removes the need to download an application from a store, which can often be problematic on government-owned devices.

To create a customized application the customer just needs to follow a few simple steps to identify what data they want to collect on what assets, and then identify the format of that collected data (such as keyboard entry of text, a number, or multiple choice). uCOLLECT automatically captures the identify of the user, the data and time, and the geolocation.

Q: What are the benefits of using your platform?

A: The biggest benefit is obviously the low-cost. A simple data collection survey with only a handful of questions will cost about $2,500 and allows for unlimited users. The collected data can be saved on the uGRIDD platform, or can be downloaded into a GIS or other software system.

Q: What are your customers saying about you? Are they happy?

A: So far our customers keep wondering what the catch is. They’re surprised that it really is so simple and affordable, and they’ve been asking us if uCOLLECT can save them money on other projects as well.

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Q: What can we expect from uGRIDD in the future?

A: We’re already working on uCOLLECT 2.0 which will make it even easier to design customized uCOLLECT applications. We are also designing uCOLLECT to assist with building inspections to help local governments manage their housing stock with rental residential programs.

This fall we’re also going to announce a version of uCOLLECT to help municipalities better track their pot holes to get them filled much faster and easier.