Trust.Zone VPN Helps You To Unblock Websites, Overcome Censorship And Surf Anonymously

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Below is our recent interview with Alex Edwin, Co-Founder at Trust.Zone:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Trust.Zone?

A: Trust.Zone is anonymous VPN service. We don’t log any user activity. We don’t store any information about user. Just email.

Trust.Zone is located in Seychelles, under offshore jurisdiction. Law in Seychelles are friendly to anonymous services. Seychelles doesn’t belong to the 14-Eyes Country List (international surveillance alliances). That mean that under Seychelles jurisdiction a court order would not be enforceable.

Our main audiences are bittorrent users and downloaders. Besides, fans of video streaming services Netflix, Hulu, BCC, Amazon and other, gamers and users who need to bypass geo-restrictions to watch their favorite shows while travelling abroad.

As you know, Internet Services Providers (ISP) are usually tracking their users. Trust.Zone VPN prevents ISP from tracking users by hiding IP and encrypting the whole traffic of the user.

With low cost of our service (starting from $2.99/mo) Trust.Zone becomes high popular.

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Q: What is VPN? What is the difference between proxy and VPN?

A: VPN is better than proxy. VPN encrypts your entire internet bandwidth while proxy encrypts just single current connection or protocol. So, with a VPN, your PC is under protection. With a proxy you are usually hiding your IP only.

VPN has its own software. For instance, Trust.Zone provides users with easy-to-use application with some extra options like Kill Switch or DNS Leak Protection.
Kill Switch feature stops all incoming and outcoming traffic if internet connection drops by some reason. With that feature real IP address of the user will never be revealed.

DNS Leak Protection allows user to hide DNS traffic. Both features are favorite for bittorrent downloaders

Q: What makes you stand out from your competition?

A: The unique feature of Trust.Zone is a high level of anonymity. Offshore jurisdiction, out of 14-Eyes, no logs, no tracking. We don’t use third party tools on our website like Google Analytics, chats or external scripts.

Fantastic low price! We sell VPN for just $2.99/mo which is one of the cheapest VPN plan in industry.

Q: I read something about your partnership with several Crypto, how did that start and where do you see the relationship going?

A: Indeed, Trust.Zone VPN is partnering and collaborating with several blockchain partners like Bytecoin, Emercoin and some other. We support crypto industry and try to intergrate blockchain solution. Besides, we offer 10% discount for all users who pay with Bitcoin, Bytecoin or Emercoin.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We have just started providing users with dedicated VPN IP addresses in the US and UK. With dedicated static IP addresses users are able to watch Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services with no fear to be banned. Next weeks, we will add more countries to support dedicated IP addresses like France, Germany, China and other

Trust.Zone VPN team is launching a new version of VPN app for Play Market and App Store with a lot of new features soon. Follow the news!