Tribute Kiosk Launches New Sports Fanto Booth, A Fan-Engagement Experience For Teams and Sponsors

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

Since 2010, Tribute Kiosk has served as a leader in designing and building touchscreen kiosks that provide an engaging experience for each user. The kiosk’s innovative hardware and software work together to ensure seamless content delivery for the customer.

The company recently launched the Sports Fanto (Fan-Photo) Booth. The Sports Fanto Booth provides fans with a photo memory of the game, printed instantly, with an official layout design approved by the team’s marketing department. Perfect for sports teams at all levels and their sponsors, the kiosks provide a hands-on game-day experience that extends the brand after the game is over.

Below is our recent interview with Afi Aflatooni, Principal at Tribute Kiosk:

Q: What makes the new Sports Fanto (Fan-Photo) Booth unique?

A: Our new Sports Fanto Booth was designed with team branding and team’s sponsors in mind. The innovative new technology makes it easy for teams to design, review and approve photo templates that ensure brand consistency, while providing fans with a unique reminder of their game-day experience to take home. A simple dashboard tool allows the team’s marketing professionals to push out approved templates to all Fanto booths onsite, ensuring brand consistency for each user experience.

For the fans, the kiosks are simple to use as well. Fans engage directly with the Sports Fanto Booth at the stadium with no staff attendants needed. Fans can quickly snap and print a branded photo onsite and come away with a unique memento from the game.

The experience works well as a fan-engagement tool for team sponsors, with a variety of printable templates available to download, design and use that can feature individual sponsors printed alongside the team’s brand. Templates can be created to highlight both the team and their sponsors, providing a unique fan-engagement tool for sponsors and reducing costs for the team. The Sports Fanto Booth produces a high-quality, branded image that fans are sure to enjoy for a long time, extending the marketing experience for team sponsors from the stadium directly into the home.

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Q: Who are some of your current clients for the Sports Fanto Booth and what challenges are you helping them solve with this new technology?

A: Customers of the new Sports Fanto Booth include major sports franchises who are looking to increase fan engagement during games and extend brand awareness of their team and its sponsors after the game is over.

There is no hardware to purchase upfront for sports franchises looking to add the Sports Fanto Booth experience to their stadium, and no monthly fee. Our innovative Hardware-as-a-Service model ensures customers pay only for the time each kiosk is in use by a fan.

The kiosk terminals require only 2X2 ft. of floor space and do not need a game-day staff attendant. Instead, fans engage one-on-one with the Fanto Booth, a unique experience that results in a high-quality, branded photo keepsake of the game, ensuing both sponsor and team brand engagement even after the game has ended.

Q: What tools do you offer teams to customize their fans’ experience with the Sports Fanto Booth?

A: We offer a variety of tools for teams to use to customize the Fanto Booth experience for their fans, including featuring the team’s colors on the outside of the kiosk. Photo templates are easy to design and approve by the marketing team to ensure brand consistency.

We currently have Nicole (our AI photographer) that interacts with the fans and takes their picture. We can integrate team mascots and sponsor’s special branding included on screen.

In addition, we welcome feedback from our customers and implement regular updates to the kiosks’ hardware and software designed to provide continuous improvements to the fan experience.

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Q: What’s next for Tribute Kiosk?

A: We are working now on a new customer experience called Fan Wisdom, with a planned launch in the 4th quarter of 2019. In addition, we are taking advantage of the growth of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies to add new, personalized experiences for fans.