Transor Provides Filtration Solutions For Customers That Use Oil In The Manufacturing Of Cutting Tools

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Transor is a company that provides filtration solutions for customers that use oil in the manufacturing of cutting tools. These applications require a continuous flow of crystal, clean oil and Transor’s unique filter design provides One Micron filtration capability. The Transor System operates on the principal of edge filtration whereby particles larger than one micron are caught on the filters’ edge. The elements are designed to be cleaned automatically with compressed air rather than replaced. The filter is offered with temperature control, so both the cleanliness and temperature of the oil is predictable and provides a machining environment that is conducive to excellence.

Starting in 1984, Transor has offered global solutions. The main office is located just outside of Chicago. Branches are located in Shanghai, Tokyo and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Units have been placed in over 30 countries.

The capability of the filter not only helps productivity but is also good for the environment as competitive systems use filter media that must be disposed of.

In addition, when the oil is filtered to this level, the life expectancy of the oil is greatly extended so the oil used in the process does not have to be disposed of.

A primary value added component at Transor is the personal relationship they have with their customers as many staff members have been with the company over 15 years.

Transor is recognized as a leader in oil filtration for cutting tools and offers options to satisfy a single grinder or a large department. Our largest customer has a system that satisfies 200 machines.

Transor offers great value due to its’ performance and longevity. Filters sold over 30 years ago are still in use providing the same benefits as they did upon installation.

Written by:

Irv Kaage