Translucent Portals Inc. – A User-Driven Production And Distribution Company For Media Content In Niche Markets

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Translucent Portals Inc. is a user-driven production and distribution Company for media content in niche markets. Below is our recent interview with Adam Hamid, the Founder & CEO at Translucent Portals:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Translucent Portals?

A: Translucent Portals is creating a seamless platform where users can “cluster” in groups that share the same interest(s). We enable users to produce high-quality content for other users and then reward content producers with cash and other incentives from subscription & advertising sales solely based on views, reviews and downloads.

In this day in age, traditional media no longer dominates the entertainment marketplace. Users seek information based on their own interests rather than on things imposed on them from outside. Translucent Portals Inc. seeks to bring advertisers to a natural market. Potential members will always be paid based on the performance of their content.

In 2008 I worked with many artists such as Akon, Slim-Thug, Play n Skillz, Andrew Meals, Talib Kweli, E-40, Big Red Rooster and more. I was captivated by the film and music industry. My goal is to create a network of information hubs including but not limited to real news, teaching resources, profound music, and entertaining films. At Translucent Portals Inc., if it does not have substance, it does not exist in our world.

Q: Adam, how do you plan on growing Translucent Portals into as big as Facebook?

A: At Translucent Portals, our two prong strategy is simple. Niche customers will come “if we build it.” Give the customers exactly what they want by letting “them produce it.” By implementing a Long Tail Distribution Model we can develop large audiences without producing hits. Initially, our grass-rooted, organic approach has led to the development of our minimum viable product, This revolutionary site provides K-12 teachers a wealth of classroom resources as well as opportunities to produce additional sources of income. As we complete our Series A round of funding, we will continue to gain traction and transition into the development of our second niche market targeting Locavores. This site will focus on all things local albeit on a global scale. Featuring local bands, businesses and information, the site will be the Internet’s hometown. We strive to present all towns to the world from giant cities to the smallest hamlet. On this site, Mountain Home, Arkansas, and Elko, Nevada will be offered the same respect as New York and Chicago. Every town is part of an interconnected web, and we wish to honor our similarities while cherishing our differences. Business listings will enable us to showcase unique stores, restaurants, attractions, and accommodations. Individual business pages will showcase unique content allowing for images, video, and more. Eventually, we will allow business owners to create e-stores on our site to sell directly to customers worldwide. Our local advertisers are important to us. We promise that only locally owned-businesses will ever advertise on our site. This is one place where locals will not have to compete with the Wal-marts and Amazons of the world. Revenue streams consist of Business Homepages, sales of local music, and sales of locally made crafts, initially. Eventually we will offer travel services and direct store sales. Inevitably, Translucent Portals Inc. will catch Facebook on the back stretch through Prayers, Mergers and Acquisitions.

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Q: You’re currently raising $3.3m in Series A round; could you tell us something more?

A: Our vision for the Company is big. Most investors want to know their immediate return and inevitable exit. We recently completed our Private Placement Memorandum. We are raising $3.3 m at a $33 m valuation using a Bill Payne Valuation Method. Our Company authorized 1,000,000,000 Common Class A Shares and based our valuation on 1,000,000,000 outstanding Class A shares. We are locked in with a Bulletin Board Public Company. We will take a portion of the Series A proceeds and take the Company public through a Direct Listing via reverse merger. Look, we got a viable, sustainable business model that is capable of scaling quickly. We are gaining traction and have a legitimate exit in place. We have eleven convertible notes for sale; Minimum investment $300k (i.e. 11.1% ROI, 36-month lockup). For any additional information please email with your queries.

Q: How long have you been working on this concept?

A: I have been working on this concept since 2014. We have spent a massive amount of hours developing a strategic position to our competitors. We believe we have a competitive advantage that most competitors could not implement based on their current business model and projections.

Q: Why does the media industry intrigue you?

A: In 2008 I worked with many artists such as Akon, Slim-Thug, Play n Skillz, Talib Kweli, E-40, Big Red Rooster and more. I was captivated by the film and music industry. After serving over 9 years in federal prison, I am in awe of the garbage that is broadcasted over the networks. My goal is to create a network of real news, profound music, and entertaining films. At Translucent Portals Inc., if it does not have substance, it does not exist in our world.

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Q: Who are some major players you would like to work with?

A: I would highly enjoy working with Jeff Bezos, Sergey Brin, Bernard Arnault, Elon Musk, and a few others that are just on a completely another level. Watching them over the years has encouraged me to continue to study and follow my passion. I believe that human potential is limited only by a failure to commit to its growth. At Translucent Portals, Inc., we affirm that children are our future and that society has an unalterable obligation to improve our world by improving the future of all children. We believe we can accomplish this through the values of our Company culture; Integrity, Honesty, & Persistence.