TOOTRiS Makes Finding High-Quality Yet Affordable Childcare Easier For Parents

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In-home childcare providers, daycare centers, and preschools have been around for ages providing parents with day-to-day support in caring for the physical, emotional, social, and academic needs of their children. Though beneficial for modern-day families, selecting suitable childcare options often resulted in a compromise between quality and cost. Essentially, the only way to ensure your kids were in the best of hands was to pay a hefty price. That is until TOOTRiS came on the scene.

Standing on the belief that all kids deserve to receive the best care, TOOTRiS developed a tech-enabled service that aids parents in finding affordable childcare solutions. Easily accessible through Google Play and the Apple Store, the mobile application is the first platform designed to help working parents find appropriate childcare within their budget.

Only the Best Providers

Realizing how important safety and trust are between parents and childcare providers, TOOTRiS develop a strict series of guidelines and eligibility requirements for providers that ensure the overall safety and protection of children. Individuals and centers looking to advertise through the platform need to pass a background check, have the required licenses, and pass a center and curriculum inspection.

Interested childcare providers can also utilize TOOTRiS as a tool to develop the necessary academic and professional skills to care for children. Their resource center provides information ranging from careers in childcare to education and training programs to obtain the required licenses and certifications by state.

Childcare Catered to Your Needs

Going beyond your budgetary needs, the TOOTRiS app allows parents to filter through providers by creating preferences according to their lifestyle. Whether you’d prefer a daycare center near your house, job, or in a city/state you plan on moving to in the near future? Simply enter your desired location and be routed to hundreds of providers in seconds.

Maybe you work the graveyard shift or need someone on the weekends? There’s a filter that allows you to sift through available providers servicing your childcare needs around the clock. Is your child’s school closed for the holidays or spring break? You can even find a childcare provider willing to accommodate your temporary change in schedule.

Subsidies and Discounts

For a parent, there’s nothing worse than finding the perfect childcare solution and finding out that it’s way more than you can afford. looks to resolve this issue with its Education Center. There, parents can find a wealth of information on financial assistance for childcare. From state and federal programs to private organizations, users can take advantage of opportunities for subsidized childcare.

Depending on your eligibility, you could receive a stipend to pay for some or all of your childcare allowing you to choose the best provider based on quality and not affordability. doesn’t stop there, however. Since the platform services to increase exposure and enrollment rates for providers, daycare centers are able to lower costs which, in the end, benefit parents greatly.

Convenient Enrollment and Account Management

In a time when social distancing is vital to one’s health and wellness, makes child enrollment and account management secure, convenient, and safe. Once you’ve found a childcare provider you’re interested in, you can complete an online enrollment application including sharing health records, emergency contact information, as well as make secure online payments for services saving them loads of time and frustration along the way.

From the mom returning to work in need of someone to look after her newborn baby to the dad who needs an in-home childcare provider to watch his toddlers while he works the night shift, the TOOTRiS app for parents offers an efficient solution. This one-of-a-kind app has made it possible for parents to find high-quality childcare, when they need it, on a budget that works best for them. There’s no denying, it will go down as one of the top tech solutions for simplifying the life of parents.