Titan GPS Allows Fleet Operators To Stay On Top Of What’s Happening With Their Fleet Assets

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Below is our recent interview with Bent Jensen, CEO and Founder of Certified Tracking Solutions:

Bent Jensen

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Certified Tracking Solutions and Titan GPS?

A: Certified Tracking Solutions was established in 2004 to develop cloud-based software to support a wide range of GPS tracking solutions. This included consumer-based GPS tracking and vehicle control systems to specialized fleet management telematics.

The Titan GPS brand of Certified Tracking Solutions is dedicated to mid to large fleet businesses with enterprise-level needs. Titan GPS allows fleet operators to stay on top of what’s happening with their fleet vehicles/drivers, equipment, snowplows, trailers, and other mobile assets with advanced telematics technology for location, status, event, and diagnostics data to help fleet operators make timely decisions based on reliable data.

Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: Our feature-packed solution is powerful and easy to use, key attributes to helping fleet operators know where their assets are, where they’ve been, and every activity in between. Essential features allow managers to see at a glance the location of their entire fleet, set automatic alerts to notify them of any movement, change in status, or event, and easily generate reports and run analytics, to sum up, fleet performance for any period.

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Q: What are the benefits of Titan GPS tracking?

A: The Titan platform brings together GPS cellular and satellite monitoring, video surveillance, and electronic logbooks all in one place. With additional oversight, our customers gain significant cost reductions in fuel, labor, and maintenance. With additional oversight, there are also significant improvements in productivity that are possible with increased accountability. Safety and security are improved with 24/7 monitoring and improvements in compliance with company policies and external regulation, like the ELD rule, and increased driver safety can reduce insurance costs. Perhaps, most importantly, Titan GPS gives our customers the ability to improve the service they deliver to their customers. Serving more customers more efficiently and effectively equals even happier customers.

Q: How do you help companies save money with GPS fleet tracking?

A: There is a lot you can do with GPS tracking, and we’ve helped thousands uncover opportunities to cut costs, increase productivity, enhance safety, and improve service. One of the distinct advantages that our customers experience is the consultative approach that we take to ensure the solutions we recommend are matched to each application and the needs of the company. We are not a one size fits all solution. We believe that by having the right GPS hardware installed and matched with the right service allows fleet operators the ability to improve fleet performance. We carefully assess all applications, determine the priorities of company stakeholders, identify and discuss additional opportunities, recommend solutions, and work closely with our new customer to successfully deploy and maximize their return on investment over time.

Q: Why many fleet leaders still hesitate to embrace GPS tracking hardware?

A: When we talk to businesses about GPS fleet tracking, time and expense are sometimes identified as barriers. We believe fleet operators can no longer afford to wait to implement GPS tracking for their fleets simply from a competitive standpoint. As GPS tracking matures and more and more businesses use it to manage fleet performance and drive efficiencies those that aren’t using it are falling behind.

There’s a mountain of industry data that helps to illuminate why GPS tracking is becoming more necessity than a nice to have. One such study showed that average productivity gains across industries improved by 7% by simply adding visibility to fleet activity. If you extrapolate this data, an average of 30 minutes per day per fleet vehicle can be added to the workday. And, if you take an example where a business charges out at $150/hour and a profit margin of 40% with just 15 vehicles that adds up to over $118 thousand in additional annual revenue potential.

Of course, that speaks to productivity improvements alone and doesn’t touch on reductions such as fuel costs. The same study suggests fuel cost reductions with a well-managed GPS tracking system average 8%. Speeding, aggressive driving, unauthorized and unplanned travel, poorly maintained vehicles, and excessive idling have a sweeping impact on a fleets fuel bill. Titan GPS gives businesses the tools to monitor and manage fuel costs.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: The technology is constantly evolving and today most any fleet business can be managed remotely. The internet of things was just a concept a few years ago but is becoming a part of everyone’s business and life. We update and improve our platform solutions frequently. Not only building and tailoring features to existing clients’ needs but also thinking forward and providing cutting edge solutions that will be needed in the future.

A recent project that has driven new innovation was to help fleet operators better measure and manage the CO2 emissions of their fleet. A catalyst for the project was Titan GPS being awarded the contract to provide and support Vehicle and Telematics solutions for the Town of Banff. Aside from the requirements of favorable pricing, ease of use and extensive feature sets, the Town of Banff placed significant value on the ability of the winning bidder’s solution to assist in reducing fuel consumption and resulting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Because the Banff is located within a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the community strives to reflect the values that make it such a special place. These values are what drive the town’s Green Fleet policies and why the Town of Banff endeavors to lower fuel consumption in the municipal fleet continually.

The results of this initiative have led Titan GPS to develop a best-in-class solution for tracking and reporting GHG emissions. We are excited about showcasing this to our customers and prospects interested in benchmarking and setting emission targets and proud to be playing an important role in a leading edge program like the Green Fleet initiative undertaken by Banff.