The Q&A With CEO Carlos Cruz On Clicktool: A Data Marketing Analytics Toolkit

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Below is our recent interview with Carlos Cruz, CEO of Clicktool:

Q: What is the story behind Clicktool, how did you start?

A: I had been working as an affiliate marketer and continued to experience the same problems: namely, the available data tracking software was very difficult to navigate and inefficient to use. When many of my digital marketing friends expressed similar complaints, I decided it was time to do something about it. In creating Clicktool, a digital marketing analytics toolkit and management software, I sought to address the two-fold issue of usability and user-friendliness by ensuring that our consumers do not need to be coders to increase their ROI on campaigns.

Q: What makes Clicktool the most powerful tracking software in the market?

A: Marketers lose a lot of money due to inefficient, insecure, and complex campaign data tracking mechanisms. Clicktool allows marketers to maximize ROI through providing secure and efficient data tracking tools that are simple and easy to use. Because data is extremely valuable, marketers depend on in-depth, insightful information about their customers in order to successfully reach their target demographic and improve sales. Clicktool supports digital marketers in improving the effectiveness of their campaigns by offering an easy-to-navigate campaign management platform with in-depth data insights, tracking eliminates redirects and therefore does not risk flagging from traffic sources like Google and Facebook, tools to conduct marketing experiments, and one-of-a-kind phone campaign data tracking.

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Q: What is the key to successful marketing?

A: A/B testing is one of the most effective digital marketing tools, as it can pinpoint the most successful version of a landing page when it comes to driving sales. To perform a successful A/B test, create two different landing pages for your product that are different in one specific area (perhaps one features a static image and the other a video). Then, direct 50% of web traffic to each landing page and use your data tracking software to compare the results. Beware that sending web visitors to different landing pages via redirects could result in your campaign being flagged by publishers such as Google and Facebook. Clicktool is the only data management software that eliminates the use of redirects, thereby protecting digital marketers from suffering the consequences of flagged campaigns.

Q: Why is data so important in today’s day and age?

A: I think that right now the question How can I learn more about our customers in order to make better decisions that will help my business grow? is top of mind for every business owner/founder/marketer. Simply put, data is the solution. The more data at our disposal, the better we are able to understand our audience and hone campaign targeting for better results. It’s not enough to simply collect loads of data; digital marketers need to know how to leverage it to achieve their campaign goals.

Q: Is there a place for AI in the world of digital marketing?

A: In digital marketing, improved customer experience is the name of the game. To stay competitive in the rapidly changing digital landscape, marketers must understand the wants and needs of their consumers inside and out. AI can help digital marketers interpret data and apply insights gleaned to improve campaign strategy.

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Q: Why is marketing important regardless of type of business?

A: These days everyone has to be his or her own brand or business. Every aspect of a company, regardless of type of business, is represented by its branding. A brand is determined by everything from the company’s logos, website and even look of its storefront. Marketing is a reflection of brand. It forges an omnipresent, long-term relationship between the brand and its audience. Without this connection, the audience doesn’t care. If they don’t care, they aren’t going to buy from the brand, nor will they have brand loyalty. Simply put, marketing is what enables individuals, businesses, affiliate marketers, influencers, etc. to keep doing what they love.

Q: What can we expect from Clicktool in the future?

A: We are adding more ‘beginner friendly’ solutions. During our beta launch we have learned that most users have problems learning how to build a website to host their landing pages. To help solve this problem we are currently building a feature that allows our users to create an entire website with just a few clicks.