The Overlooked Importance Of Outsourced IT: An Interview With Jeremy Morgan, Owner Of Morgan Systems

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How many companies outsource their IT services? The IT services outsourcing contract value in the USA is about $70 billion. Meanwhile, hardly all managed IT companies are working as expected.

We’ve contacted Jeremy Morgan, the owner of Morgan Systems, to shed some light on the importance of outsourced IT and the right approach to working with companies that provide such services.

Q: When you hire a Managed Service Provider (MSP), can you forget about all your IT-related problems immediately?

A: This common misconception leads to numerous misunderstandings between the MSP and the client. By outsourcing your IT needs to a company, you are asking for expert assistance and, in many cases, getting it. However, it’s impossible to achieve the desired result without constant communication. Outsourcing IT is similar to hiring an expert. Unless you share your needs and synchronize your actions on a regular basis, the expertise won’t help you achieve any goals.

Q: Should one IT service provider offer a full scope of IT services for my business?

A: It’s possible to find one that offers all the services you need, from mobile app development to network cable installation. However, you have to be very careful with a company that offers such a big variety of services. In many cases, it means that some of them are done in a mediocre manner. Usually, an IT company specializes in a certain set of services. If you see someone offering you the world and a cherry on top, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Q: What is the most important question to ask the MSP before hiring?

A: How easily can I terminate the contract? Many companies have complex contracts that can’t be terminated for months. Meanwhile, you may realize that you aren’t satisfied with the services in just a few weeks. Always make sure you discuss the gateway. The reason for contract termination can be something as simple as the lack of positive chemistry between the parties.

It may sound strange, but for outsourced IT, good relationships are very important. Some of my clients have told me stories about botched deadlines and failed projects due to the absence of mutual understanding with their previous outsourced IT service providers.

Q: How can a company minimize costs of outsourced IT?

A: Minimizing costs is easy. A company just has to identify its needs. Many businesses already have IT specialists doing some work. They see them failing to achieve the desired results and look for a company with an all-encompassing service list. In reality, for example, a startup doesn’t need too many services and round-the-clock support of a dozen specialists.

So it should be looking for a minimal managed IT service plan. Not all companies offer that, but the majority is ready to adjust its plans to the client’s needs.

Q: How many specialists should an outsourced IT company have?

A: It depends on the requirements of the business in need of the services. For example, if your company only has about a dozen employees, you don’ really need an IT managed service with more than five specialists. However, if you have a large company with 100 users, you need to look for an IT service with at least 15 experts.

Make sure to ask the company you are hiring about the number of specialists that work on the projects similar to yours.

Q: Can a small company avoid outsourcing its IT services?

A: If your business is truly small, and you have a couple of experienced IT specialists, you can avoid such services for a while. However, you have to remember that an MSP is not just there to support your ongoing needs. These IT experts can readily offer suggestions, which can improve your business operation and aid in growth and development. Can your in-house IT specialists do that?